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High Grade Fighting Action or HG Fighting Action is a line of Gunpla kits of the Mobile Suits from New Mobile Report Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz, released in 1998.[1] Clear remolds of the kits were also offered on December 1998 with the box art printed on a blue background.

HG EW # Model Yen Price Release Date Notes
W-Gundam Zero Custom
W-Gundam Zero Custom ¥1,000 April, 1998 Alternative torso included for action poses.
OZ-00MS3 Tallgeese III
Tallgeese III ¥800 April, 1998 Additional pieces included to build Tallgeese I or II.
Gundam Heavyarms Custom2
Gundam H-Arms Custom ¥800 April, 1998 Alternative pieces for micro missile pods on legs and hips included for action poses.
Serpent Custom
Serpent Custom ¥800 April, 1998
Gundam Deathscythe Hell Custom
Gundam D-Hell Custom ¥1,000 May, 1998 Alternative torso included for action poses. U.S. version repackaged as "Gundam Deathscythe-H Custom".
Gundam Nataku
Gundam Nataku ¥1,000 May, 1998 Additional pieces for extendable claws included for action poses.
Gundam Sandrock Custom
Gundam Sandrock Custom ¥800 May, 1998 Alternative torso included for action poses.

Yen price excluding 5% tax (8% from 2014 onwards).

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  1. Gunpla Taizen - Endless Waltz

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