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29H-A-MS Murphy (aka Murphy) is a transformable mobile suit used by the Department of Defense. The unit is featured in Mobile Fighter G Gundam.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

The Murphy is a small utility mobile suit, while it does bear armament it is only comparable to that of a light support chopper, aptly so as this is the form to which it is capable of transforming. While it is unclear what it's specific function is, based on its usage and construction it would seem to imply a heavy riot patrol machine, something to serve to support police actions when firepower is necessary.


  • 75mm Vulcan Gun
A light anti-personnel vulcan gun located just behind the head in MS mode and just below the cockpit in helicopter mode, it does not have the power to damage a mobile suit.
  • Missile Launcher
A missile launcher system spread throughout the mobile suit's body, it is capable of launching small vollies of semi-guided missiles. More powerful than it's vulcans it still has negligable ability to penetrate a Gundam's armor.

Special Attacks

  • Dual Buster


The only known usage of the Murphy was when the Neo America Department of Defense officials Shawn Douglas and Kennedy Grumman attacked Domon Kasshu, who was on foot at the time, with these machines. Their aim was to eliminate him and secure an unfair victory for Chibodee Crocket, however once he learned of their unfair tactics, Chibodee attacked the two, buying time for Domon to enter the Shining Gundam. Chibodee and Domon each destroy one of the two Murphys used in the attack.

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