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The ABFS-RR-01S Messala Dinofaust Jupiter is a variation of the PMX-000 Messala. It was featured in the side story novel Tyrant Sword of Neofalia. It was designed by Kazumi Fujita.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

The unique trait of the Messala Dinofaust Jupiter is its non-humanoid MS frame, which resembles the original Messala's Mobile Armor (MA) mode. Scirocco himself named this hybrid form as the "Aggressive Beast-Formed Suit." The upper body houses a large thruster assembly, giving it high mobility equal to that of Mobile Armor. The Messala Dinofaust Jupiter's main armaments are a pair of large mega beam launchers, but it is also equipped with missiles and claw arms for close combat. It also has sensors superior to the mass-produced ABFS-RR-01M Messala Dinofaust Alpha's.


  • Mega Beam Launcher
  • Missile
  • Claw Arm



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