The AEB-06L Hloekk Graze is a mobile suit from the second season of the Mobile Suit Gundam IRON-BLOODED ORPHANS television series.

Design & Development

A cheap, export oriented mobile suit developed by Gjallarhorn and sold to civilians, it is a part of the Graze series but has inferior capabilities.[1][2] Based on a simplified Graze frame, it is smaller than standard MS and easier to operate.[1][2] Thus, the Arbrau Defense Force use the Hloekk Graze as their main mobile suit as their MS pilots still lack skills.[1]


  • Small Missile
Small missiles can be fired from the four hatches located on top of the head.[3] The missiles can be replaced by signal flares and the likes.[3]
  • Submachine Gun[3]
The suit's main ranged weapon.
The suit's main close combat weapon.

Operational History

These machines were heavily used by the Arbrau Defense Forces and some Tekkadan Earth branch members during the Arbrau-SAU war. When the Gjallarhorn team lead by McGillis Fareed intervened, the Hloekk Grazes were easily defeated due to their inexperienced pilots. However, McGillis' intervention was soon stopped by Galan Mossa's mercenary squadron and the Tekkadan Earth branch. Later, part of the Arianrhod fleet commandeered by Iok Kujan would deploy Hloekk Grazes with purple color scheme during the assault on the Turbines. These Hloekk Grazes serve as loaders for the Dainsleif-equipped Grazes.


Notes & Trivia

  • On his Twitter, Kanetake Ebikawa (Hloekk Graze's designer), explicitly refer to it as a monkey model, and views the machine as the exact opposite of the EB-AX2 Graze Ein in certain aspects.


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