The AEU-05/00 AEU Hellion Medium (aka Hellion Medium) is a mobile suit featured in Mobile Suit Gundam 00P. One of these units was piloted by Fon Spaak.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

The Hellion Medium was developed as the second version of the Hellion, between the Initium and the AEU-05/05 AEU Hellion Perpetuum. The Hellion Medium utilizes a Linear Rifle, a weapon that would become standard in all AEU mobile suits. It was also able to be dock with the mobile armor, the AEU-MA0707 Agrissa Type 7, for greater combat capabilities.


  • Defense Rod
A standard defensive feature of AEU and Union mobile suits. The defense rod is a rotating rod usually connected to the elbow joint of the mobile suits left arm. The rod is capable of deflecting certain physical rounds such as bullets from a machine gun and in some cases a shot from a beam rifle by generating plasma field.
  • Linear Rifle
A rifle that fires electromagnetically-accelerated live rounds. The Hellion Medium's linear rifle is smaller and less powerful than the rifle of its successor units, the AEU-05/05 AEU Hellion Perpetuum and AEU-09 AEU Enact.
  • Sonic Blade
The standard melee weapon of both the AEU's and Union's mobile suits. A sonic blade is a folding dagger-like weapon that incorporates a high-frequency oscillating blade. The vibrations of the oscillating blade greatly increase the weapon's cutting capabilities.
  • 360mm Linear Rocket Launcher
The linear launcher is essentially a bazooka sized version of the linear rifle. It uses electromagnetic rails to accelerate physical projectiles.


The Advanced European Union introduced the AEU-05/00 AEU Hellion Medium in AD 2300 as a performance upgrade of the eight year old AEU-05/92 AEU Hellion Initium. The Hellion Medium served as the Advanced European Union's mainstay mobile suit for five years, until in AD 2305 where it was upgraded into the AEU-05/05 AEU Hellion Perpetuum.

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