AEU-05OP AEU Hellion Orbit Package (aka AEU Hellion Space Type), is a mobile suit in season 1 of Mobile Suit Gundam 00. It is the space variant of the AEU-05/05 AEU Hellion Perpetuum mobile suit developed by the Advanced European Union. The Hellion was the standard mass production unit of the AEU until the introduction of Enact series in season 1.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

Before the AEU-09 AEU Enact was introduced, the AEU-05/05 AEU Hellion Perpetuum was the standard mobile suit of the Advanced European Union. It beat other units while in the prototype stage such as the AEU-06 to the AEU-08 and out of the them all, was the one picked for mass production. The AEU also utilized mission-specific variants of Hellions such as the Reconnaissance Type and Aerial Bombardment Type, both of which operated only in flight mode. Another notable variant was the AEU-05G AEU Hellion Ground Type, which has reinforced armor.

The AEU Hellion Orbit Package is the space variant of the standard AEU Hellion. Overall the unit has the same armaments and features as the standard Hellion however the unit has been adapted for space use. The electronics and sensors of the mobile suits were adapted to the conditions of the weightlessness of space. Likewise the engine unit has been re-designed for maneuverability in space. Accordingly, the head unit has been redesigned and equipped with sensors for space use.


  • Carbon Blade
A low-cost melee weapon resembling a katar, but with a double-ended bow-shaped blade that parallels the grip. The blade was not designed for cutting, rather it was designed for the purpose of bludgeoning enemy equipment to pieces. Overall this weapon is inferior to the sonic blade. The carbon blade is generally used by units of the HRL's Tieren line. This weapon is only seen used by terrorist AEU Hellion Orbit Package units as AEU and ESF units are equipped with the more advanced sonic blade.
  • Defense Rod
A standard defensive feature of AEU and Union mobile suits. The defense rod is a rotating rod usually connected to the elbow joint of the mobile suits left arm. The rod is capable of deflecting certain physical rounds such as bullets from a machine gun and in some cases a shot from a beam rifle by generating a plasma field. However the defense rod is limited as a shield and the Hellion must rely on its speed and maneuverability when defending against heavier firepower.
  • Smoothbore Gun
The smoothbore gun is a solid firing ranged weapon that was originally used by the AEU-05/92 AEU Hellion Initium. This weapon is only seen used by terrorist AEU Hellion Orbit Package units as AEU and ESF units are equipped with the more advanced linear rifle.
  • Linear Rifle
A rifle that fires electromagnetically-accelerated live rounds. The Hellion's linear rifle is smaller and less powerful than the rifle of its successor, the AEU-09 AEU Enact. The Linear Rifle also carries two grenades.
  • Missile Container
A missile container was seen used by terrorists in AD 2307, when they attempted to attack the HRL's Orbital Elevator. This container stores missiles which can be launched at targets. The container is however large and has been shown to require two AEU Hellion Orbit Package units to hold.
  • Sonic Blade
The standard melee weapon of both the AEU's and Union's mobile suits. A sonic blade is a folding dagger-like weapon that incorporates a high-frequency oscillating blade. The vibrations of the oscillating blade greatly increase the weapon's cutting capabilities.


The AEU Hellion Orbit Package is the space variant of the AEU-05 AEU Hellion. The main purpose of this unit during its introduction in AD 2305 was to defend the Advanced European Union's Orbital Elevator (which was still being built at the time) and AEU space colonies. The unit itself was also created in an attempt to secure the AEU's place in the space race, as both the Human Reform League and Union of Solar Energy and Free Nations had space use mobile suits and completed their Orbital Elevators. However the unit was only produced in small amounts, due to the introduction of the more advanced AEU-09 AEU Enact in AD 2307, and its space variant the AEU-09 AEU Enact Space Type.

Some of these units landed on the black market and were purchased by third party factions and terrorists. In AD 2307 a group of terrorists used a small number of AEU Hellion Orbit Package units in an attempt to attack the HRL's Orbital Elevator during its 10th anniversary celebration. However this attack was intercepted and stopped by Celestial Being's GN-003 Gundam Kyrios and GN-005 Gundam Virtue.

In AD 2312, the Hellion Orbit Package was vastly outdated, thus it was replaced by the Enact Space Type in the Earth Sphere Federation Army. Despite how outdated the Hellion Orbit Package was, some Hellion Orbit Package units were still operated by the ESF Army. A number of Hellion Orbit Package units were acquired and deployed by the anti-Federation organization Katharon.


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