The AGE-1F Gundam AGE-1 Flat is a modified version of the AGE-1 Gundam AGE-1 Normal featured in the Asemu Arc and Kio Arc of Mobile Suit Gundam AGE. The unit is mainly piloted by Flit Asuno.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

The Gundam AGE-1 Flat is the variant of Gundam AGE-1 Normal with the AGE System removed, indicated by the new white chest piece and the yellow eyes. Gundam AGE-1 Flat has retained the same armaments and same performance as the original unit and despite being more than 25 years old, it has been shown to be able to match newer and more advanced Vagan mobile suits in combat.

By 164 A.G., however, the 50 year old MS was unable to keep up with newer Vagan models (such as the Ghirarga and the Xamdrag), resulting in it being heavily damaged in battle. After the completion of AGE-FX Gundam AGE-FX, the Gundam AGE-1 Flat was heavily upgraded to keep up with current mobile suits in terms of performance. The upgrades consisted of additional armor with anti-beam coating, thus increasing its defensive capabilities and making it able to better withstand beam attacks. The resulting form was dubbed the AGE-1G Gundam AGE-1 Glansa.


  • DODS Rifle
The basic long ranged armament of the AGE-1 Flat. The DODS Rifle is created as a multipurpose weapon to shoot down enemy Vagan units and it can assume two modes: normal and sniping. The DODS Rifle is capable of piercing through the Vagan's heavy mobile suit armor by spinning the beam like a powerful drill, generating enough force to destroy the Vagan's mass-production mobile suits such as Gafran, Baqto and Dorado with one shot.[1] The DODS Rifle has a limited number of shots, enough to keep a running battle going for some time but eventually repeated use without resupply will render the weapon empty. DODS Rifle can be stored on the rear waist when not in use. The word DODS is an acronym that means "Drill-Orbital Discharge System".[2]
  • Beam Saber/Dagger
The AGE-1's close combat armament. The Beam Saber can adjust its length for different combat situations and is also strong enough to pierce and destroy the Vagan's mass-production mobile suits such as Gafran, Baqto and Dorado with a single stab.[3]
  • Shield
The AGE-1 Flat's defensive armament. It's made much thicker and sturdier than the Genoace's shield.
  • Zefuld Launchers
AGE-1 Flat's optional armaments, which are used to launch two powerful missiles. Flit Asuno used the Zefuld Launchers only once to destroy Downes's propulsion system, before discarding the armaments.
  • Plasma Diver Missile
A base-capture tactical weapon, used during the Battle of La Gramis.


For the AGE-1 Flat's history, please see Flit Asuno's page

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