The AGE-1T Gundam AGE-1 Titus (aka Titus) is a close combat variant of the AGE-1 Gundam AGE-1 Normal from the Mobile Suit Gundam AGE anime series. It is piloted by Flit Asuno.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

A new form of the Gundam AGE-1 developed by the AGE System. Reminiscent of a wrestler, the Titus is a specialized melee combat form and the emitters across its body allow it to perform devastating physical attacks. The Titus was developed to counter the ovv-a Baqto [1] for the AGE System's answer was to demonstrate overwhelming combat power that combines offense and defense.[2]

Aside from the Baqto the Titus's power is quite effective against the ovv-f Gafran, however its speed is quite low, leaving it severely disadvantaged against the high-speed xvv-xc Zedas.[3] By releasing the system's limiter, the AGE-1 Titus can enter a "maximum output" mode.[4]


  • Beam Emitters
The Gundam Titus's arms and legs are equipped with a number of beam blade emitters. These beam blades are combined with the Titus's powerful strength to destroy the enemy.[5]
  • Beam Lariat
Emitters in the forearm wrap the Gundam's forearm in a powerful circular beam blade. This beam blade is used in a wrestling-style lariat attack where the Gundam rams the enemy with its outstretched arm.[5][6]
  • Beam Shoulder Tackle
The Gundam Titus has four emitters in each shoulder which create four short beam blades that are used to enhance the unit's shoulder impacts. This attack seems to have more power than the five beam blades from a Baqto's spread beam cannon.[5]
  • Beam Knee Kick
The Gundam Titus has three emitters in each knee which create three short beam blades that are used to enhance the unit's impacts with beam blades.[5]

System Features

The AGE System is the Special OS for the Gundam AGE-1 engineered by the lineage of the Asuno family. It researches the evolution of living beings by digitizing the mysteries surrounding it and collects battle data to customize itself, grows alongside the pilot and is customized and used exclusively by the pilot itself. The only person who can use this system is Flit himself. In order to mobilize the Gundam, the AGE Device must be used.


For the history of the AGE-1 Titus, go to 'Flit Asuno's page



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Notes and Trivia

  • Madoka Titus is a meme depicting Madoka Kaname using AGE-1 Titus's limbs, similar to MS Girl. Originated from Futaba Channel's Inner Model board (模型裏板, mokei uraban), the meme is based on a collaboration of 1/144 scale Gundam AGE-1 Titus parts and a Madoka Kaname figma. While this was made purely for fun, somehow the meme caught interest due to how fitting it is. While one has to perform minor modifications on the legs (either the Gunpla parts or the figma's legs) in order to fit the Gundam parts properly into the figma, the arm parts can be attached right away.Derived from Madoka Titus, meme using other girls from Madoka Magica such as Mami Desperado and Homura Spallow also exist, but none has archived the same level of popularity.

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