The AGE-3O Gundam AGE-3 Orbital is the high-mobility wear variation for the AGE-3 Gundam AGE-3 Normal in Kio Arc of Mobile Suit Gundam AGE. The unit is piloted by Kio Asuno.

Technological & Combat Characteristics

The Gundam AGE-3 Orbital is a wear of the Gundam AGE-3 that was designed for use in space. It can also serve as a flying configuration capable of aerial combat in the Earth's atmosphere as well as in space.[2] Its main thrusters have high output, increasing its acceleration. It has several additional thrusters for improved control and turning. Although it takes ground combat into account, it is mainly used for fighting in space.[3]


  • SigMaxiss Long Cannon
The basic long ranged armament of the Orbital. Its aiming correction function takes advantage of an X-Rounder's precognition ability and refracts the trajectory of the beam to some extent via electromagnetic interference caused by the pseudo repulsive field generated by the AGE-3 Orbital's lightwave propulsion system.[4]
  • Beam Saber
One beam saber is stored in each of the AGE-3's arm shields. Similar to the Gundam AGE-3 Normal, the beam sabers can be either handheld or deployed directly from the forearm shield.

System Features

The AGE System is the Special OS for the Gundam engineered by the lineage of the Asuno family. It researches the evolution of living beings by digitizing the mysteries surrounding it and collects battle data to customize itself, grows alongside the pilot and is customized and used exclusively by the pilot itself. The only way for this system to be used and the Gundam to mobilize is by using the AGE Device.
The Core Block System allows the Gundam AGE-3 to be separated and re-combined in emergency situations as well as to change gears in any environment without the requirement of AMEMBO to specifically transport the wear variation. However at the present stage, both the Core Fighter and the G-Wears require a pilot each for a successful docking. However, the Core Fighter is been reconfigured by Flit's request so it can operate using one pilot.
  • Wear System
The Wear Systems used in Gundam AGE-3 are transformable into their G-Wear configurations, namely G-Hopper for Fortress Wear and G-Cepter for Normal Wear respectively. However, these have their own cockpits and require a pilot to activate and launch the G-Wear while the auto-pilot system will align and dock with the Core Fighter to become the desired variation. However, the adjustments done to G-Hopper to allow automated piloting for the Wears has already been built into the G-Viper, allowing the G-Viper to be launched remotely for a fully-automated docking.


For the history of the AGE-3 Orbital, please see Kio Asuno's page.

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