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The AME-WAC01 DINN Special Electronic Installation Type is a reconnaissance aerial non-combat mobile suit, it is featured in the original design series SEED-MSV.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

A variation of AMF-101 DINN that is created for early warning and to command battle from the air. Compared to the standard Dinn, DINN Special Electronic Installation Type has improved flight capabilities, such as longer flight range and higher speed, due to the various modifications made to the backpack. Its primary equipment is a large radome, which is carried in the hands of the suit. Additionally, the multipurpose launchers of the standard model have been replaced with compound sensors for surveying ground activities at high altitude, and are covered by transparent super-hard resin. The gun racks on the hip of the standard model have also been converted into multi-functional storage pods and they usually contain additional sensors, ECM pods and other electronic equipment. Other possible options include flares and N-Jammers dispenser. DINN Special Electronic Installation Type is also unlike normal MS, as it holds 3 person on board, 1 pilot and 2 operators. As such, the cockpit is enlarged resulting in a protruding chest. When in temporary frontline bases or other facilities without launch system, DINN Special Electronic Installation Type is launched into the air using rocket assisted take-off system. To reduce the possibility of being detected, the MS is coated with low visibility, EM wave absorbing paints.


Because of the design of this suit was based solely on being a detection suit, it was given no armaments.

System Features

  • Radome
A hand-held equipment, it contains multi-phase radar and various optical sensors. As it blocks the compound sensors in the chest, they are not used at the same time. When in danger, DINN Special Electronic Installation Type will drop the radome to make a speedy retreat and the radome's internal components will self-destruct.
  • Enhanced Sensors


During the First Alliance-PLANT War, ZAFT fields the AMF-101 DINN, a mobile suit model designed for aerial combat inside Earth's atmosphere. Over time, ZAFT creates several variants of the suit, which are designed for different tasks. One such model is the DINN Special Electronic Installation Type, a model built for early warning and to command battle from the air. It is however so far unknown how much models of this suit were built or when and where they were fielded.

Before the Second Alliance-PLANT War, ZAFT eventually fielded a more advanced variant of the DINN Special Electronic Installation Type, which is called the AMRF-101C AWACS DINN. This new DINN variant also carries a large radome.


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