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The AMF-103A DINN RAVEN is a mobile suit from the novel Gundam SEED Destiny Astray.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

A variant of AMF-101 DINN developed during the ending stages of the First Alliance-PLANT War and as such only small number of units are produced. Weapons wise, the DINN RAVEN (Reconnaissance Attack AdVanced Electronic iNstallation) features the same armament as the original AMF-101 DINN, consisting of four multipurpose launchers, a heavy assault machine gun and an anti-aircraft shotgun. The 'electronic installion' in the name is a reference to the fact that DINN RAVEN is equipped with Mirage Colloid stealth system. The suit is also equipped with enhanced sensors and has improved mobility. It is normally used by ZAFT special forces but through unknown means, professional MS pilot, Kaite Madigan managed to get one. Kaite's DINN RAVEN bears his trademark cross and custom handgun, and the hips storage racks have been replaced by new hip armor that contain sub-thrusters.


  • 6-tube multi-purpose launcher
Mounted on the chest, two on each side for a total of four launchers. Each launcher contains 6 tubes to fit various weapons or equipment.
  • MMI-M7S 76mm heavy assault machine gun
A standard equipment for most DINN and its variants, and is also used by CGUE. It is usually stored in the right hip storage rack and held by the right arm when in use.
  • MMI-M1001 190mm anti-aircraft shotgun
Another standard equipment for most DINN and its variants. Although it is designated as a Anti-Air weapon, it can also be used on various targets. It is usually stored in the left hip storage rack and held by the left arm when in use.
  • Custom Handgun
A composite weapon used by mobile suits piloted by professional MS pilot, Kaite Madigan. It is a customized handgun that can switch between firing beam or solid rounds, and is equipped with a "Armor Schneider" knife blade for close combat. The custom handgun serves as the sole handheld weapon for Kaite's DINN RAVEN.

Special Equipment & Features

  • Enhanced Sensors
  • Mirage Colloid Stealth System
A stealth system that when activated covers the mobile suit with Mirage Colloid particles, which bent light and radar waves around it, rendering the suit invisible to both visual and electronic detection.


During the First Alliance-PLANT War, ZAFT introduced its aerial DINN mobile suit series for battles inside Earth's atmosphere. Over time, several different variants of this suit were created. One of these variations is the DINN RAVEN (Reconnaissance Attack AdVanced Electronic iNstallation), which is an enhanced reconnaissance model introduced during the ending stages of the war. However, when the Treaty of Junius was put in place (which forbid the use of nuclear engines and Mirage Colloid on mobile suits), the DINN RAVEN was decommissioned. Professional MS pilot, Kaite Madigan, somehow manages to acquire one and painted it with his trademark white cross.


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