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The AMRF-101C AWACS DINN is a Mobile Suit in the series Gundam SEED Destiny.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

One of the three DINN variants, the AWACS (Airborne Warning And Control System) DINN is designed specifically for search and recon missions on earth, and can also be used for combat when necessary. When this DINN variation was introduced is unknown but since it was not seen in the first war, it is quite possible that it was created after the war. The suit is installed with new sensors in the aeroshell helmet, a huge radome on its back and dipping sonar array to fulfil its role, and has the same armaments as the normal DINN.


  • 6-tube Multipurpose Launcher
Mounted on the chest, two on each side for a total of four launchers. Each launcher contains 6 tubes to fit various weapons or equipment. When the suit is used for underwater searching from the air, the launchers are mounted with searchlights.
  • MMI-M7S Heavy Assault Machine Gun
A standard equipment for most DINN and its variants, and is also used by CGUE. It is an improved version of GINN's machine gun, and is usually stored in the right hip storage rack and held by the right arm when in use.
  • MMI-M100 190mm Anti-aircraft Shotgun
Another standard equipment for most DINN and its variants. Although it is designated as a Anti-Air weapon, it can also be used on various targets. It is usually stored in the left hip storage rack and held by the left arm when in use.

Special Equipment & Features

  • Radome
  • Dipping Sonar Array


During the First Alliance-PLANT War, ZAFT introduces the DINN, a mobile suit used in aerial combat and missions on Earth. As with other mass-produced mobile suits, ZAFT creates several variants of the DINN, which are specialized for different missions. One such variant is the AWACS DINN, which seems to be created after the first war. During the Second Alliance-PLANT War, it plays a role in Operations Angel Down, a ZAFT mission to destroy the Archangel. During this mission, the AWACS DINNs are used to locate the ship.


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