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The AMS-119D Desert Doga is a desert variant of the original AMS-119 Geara Doga. The mobile suit first appears in GEARA DOGA Variations series.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

The Geara Doga was the most efficient MS during the conflict due to its high versatility, being deployed in Europe, North America, and North Africa by invading Neo Zeon Earth forces.[1] Configurations are carried out according to operating environments.[1] In particular, the Geara Doga faced the most severe climatic conditions during the North African campaign.[1] The Desert Doga model featured improvements for deployment in desert combat.[1] Although there is little change from the basic machine, large improvements can be seen in the leg units.[1]Also notable is the replacement of many two beam weapons (the beam rifle and the beam sword-axe) with physical, more primitive weapons (the machine gun and the heat hawk respectively) for unknown reasons, most probably for reliability issues.


  • Heat Hawk
An axe-shaped close combat weapon, it uses a super-heated blade to cut through the armor of enemy MS or vehicles. The thermal energy is generated by the power output of the Desert Doga's thermonuclear reactor and relayed through the MS' hands.
  • Machine Gun
The machine guns, as their name implies, fire conventional large-bore ammunition in either single-fire mode or automatic-fire mode. Though they are less likely to pierce the armor of an MS like the beam rifles, unlike the latter machine guns are simpler to produce, operate, and maintain.
  • Beam Smartgun
A further development of the beam rifle, the beam smartgun' strength lies in its The particle deflecting system at the muzzle, which can bend the output beam by up to 20 degrees and thus catch the opponent in surprise.
  • Sturm Faust
A rocket-propelled warhead mounted to the end of a launch tube. This weapon is similar in design to early anti-tank weapons such as the Panzer Faust. The Geara Doga's shield includes a rack which carries four Sturm Fausts. The Sturm Fausts may be removed from the rack and fired as handheld weapons, or fired directly from the rack.

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