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The AMX-001 (MSN-008) Prototype Qubeley is the prototype of the Mobile Suit AMX-004 Qubeley.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

The development of the Qubeley began shortly after the rollout of Mobile armor MAN-08 Elmeth, late during The One Year War. This "MSN-008 Prototype Qubeley" was developed as a mobile suit version of the Elmeth. In order to reduce the Elmeth's massive size, a smaller Psycommu weapon was developed to replace the "Bit" weapon drones. This new weapon, later known as Funnel, uses Energy-capacitator (E-cap) instead of built-in generator, thus requiring recharging after a certain period of deployment. Other armaments include a pair of mega particle cannons and beam sabers, both mounted in the arms.


  • Mega Particle Cannons
The standard weapons of the Prototype Qubeley is a set of Mega Particle Cannons that are mounted in the forearms. They are powered directly from the mobile suit's Minovsky type ultracompact nuclear fusion reactor. With the high power output and precision, these weapons prove their dangerous power.
  • Beam Sabers
Equipped in the palms of the Prototype Qubeley, are a pair beam sabers used for close range combat. As these beam blades can weaponize quickly, they are highly effective during combat.
  • Chest Vulcan Guns
These shell firing weapons have a high-rate of fire but have little power. They are ideal for shooting down small, fast moving, lightly armored targets such as missiles, small land vehicles, and attack helicopters. They are also often employed as a deterrent against enemy mobile suits that are trying to get into close-range combat.
  • Funnels
These funnels are technological descendants of the Elmeth's remote bit weapons; but they are smaller than the bits as they lack their own power generators, instead using energy capacitors. This allows the funnels to be small enough so that a large number of them can be stored on a mobile suit but requires that the funnels return to the tail binder for recharging after a certain amount of time.

Special Equipment & Features

  • Psycommu System
The Flanagan Institute of Zeon developed a mind-machine interface called the psycommu (psycho-communicator) system, which receives these thoughtwaves of Newtypes and translates them into computer commands. Using this interface a Newtype pilots can direct remote weapons, and operate huge mobile armors, by thought alone. The Principality forces based at the asteroid Axis succeed in miniaturizing the psycommu system, so that it can be installed in regular-sized mobile suits like the AMX-001 Prototype Qubeley.


Similar to AMA-002 Neue Ziel, the Prototype Qubeley was never built before the War's end, but its blueprints were taken to the asteroid base Axis and later constructed there with an alternate model number AMX-001 as Axis's first experimental Mobile Weapon. Although the Psycommu system still makes it a bulky Mobile Suit at 25 meters in height, it was nevertheless considered a success. (However, AMX-001 should had been the model numbers of the Gaza-A, which latter developed into the AMX-003 Gaza-C). The Prototype Qubeley would later be perfected into the AMX-004 Qubeley and then the AMX-004 Qubeley Mk-II.


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  • Qubeley's name is derived from the Greek goddess "Cybele". Cybele embodies the fertile Earth, a goddess of caverns and mountains, walls and fortresses, nature, wild animals (especially lions and bees). Phrygian Cybele is often identified with the Hittite-Hurrian goddess Hebat, though this latter deity might have been the origin of only Anatolian Kubaba. The Greeks frequently conflated the two names, the Anatolian "Kubaba" and the Phrygian "Kybele", to refer to the Phrygian deity.
  • Qubeley's design is similar to Heroic Age's Heroic Tribe member Artemia.


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