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The AMX-003S Gaza-C Custom is a mobile suit featured in the Under the Gundam: Double-Fake manga.

Technology and Combat Characteristics

A modified version of the AMX-003 Gaza-C, the Gaza-C Custom mostly focuses on fixing its weak construction by integrating the back support beam into the main body. Thanks to this, the Gaza-C Custom no longer breaks down after a few transformations and has better protective armor as well. The back beam guns were replaced by a turret type, mounted onto the Gaza-C Custom's head, allowing them to change firing direction and are also usable in MS mode.


  • Beam Saber
The beam saber is the standard melee armament for the AMX-003S Gaza-C Custom. The beam saber is a small cylindrical device held in the mobile suit's hands when operated and is powered by an energy capacitor that is recharged from special racks. The beam saber emits a blade of plasma contained by an I-field and is capable of cutting through any metal alloy. The only way to block a beam saber is to counter with another beam saber or to use armor that has been treated with an anti-beam coating. When not in use the Gaza-C Custom's beam sabers are stored in recharge racks in the shoulder binders.
  • Beam Cannon
Replace AMX-003 Gaza-C's beam guns are the more powerful Beam-turret Cannons, fixed on the Gaza-C Custom's backpack where the original beam guns were. They can change firing direction and are also usable in MS mode.
  • Knuckle Buster
Similar to the original Gaza-C's Knuckle but at the very least a different shape, It mounts onto the backpack when in mobile suit and mobile armor mode, but is hand-carried when in mobile suit mode.


The Gaza-C Custom was designed to improve over the Gaza-C's faults, such as it's fragile frame. The Gaza-C Custom would become the basis for the AMX-006 Gaza-D.



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