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AMX-004G Qubeley Mass Production Type




421 AMX-004G Mass Production Type Qubeley (from Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ)01:23

421 AMX-004G Mass Production Type Qubeley (from Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ)

Unit Type

Mass Production Newtype-use Assault Mobile Suit


Photo Novel


Model Number
  • AMX-004G
  • AMX-017
Namesake Cybele
Developed from
First Seen
Last Seen
Known Pilots

General Characteristics

Overall Height
  • 18.9 meters62.008 ft
    744.094 in
Head Height
  • 18.4 meters60.367 ft
    724.409 in
Max Weight
  • 62.1 metric tons
Standard Weight
  • 35.2 metric tons
Power Output
  • 1820 kW2,440.66 hp
Sensor Range
  • 10900 meters35,761.155 ft
Pilot Accommodations
  • Pilot only (in panoramic monitor/linear seat cockpit in chest)


Max Acceleration
  • 0.99 G
Mass Ratio
  • 1.41
Rocket Thrusters
  • 2 x 30800 kg67,902.358 lb
    33.951 tons
Vernier Thrusters
  • 12
  • 2 x Active Cannon
  • 2 x Hand Launcher/Beam Saber
  • 30 x Funnel
Special Equipments and Features

The AMX-04G Qubeley Mass Production Type is a variant of the AMX-004 Qubeley which appears in Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

The Qubeley Mass Production Type shared many characteristics with its predecessors, the Qubeley Mk-II units, the main difference being that the Mass Production Type had much greater offensive capabilities.

The most notable difference is that the Qubeley Mass-Production Type is equipped with a pair of movable active cannons that are mounted on its back. Because the cannons are movable, they possess a wide firing-arc that covers both mobile suit's front and rear. A less noticeable but even more important difference was the larger tail binder that housed 30 remote funnel weapons. That is a capacity 3 times greater than that of the original Qubeley, 2.5 times greater than the Qubeley Mk-II, and is the largest number of remote weapons used by any mobile weapon.

Because of the increased mass from the additional weapons, the mass production Qubeley could only achieve a maximum acceleration of 0.99 G which is less than the max acceleration of the previous Qubeley units and is the only area of performance where the mass production version is inferior. This acceleration speed also made it one of the slowest mobile suits fielded during the First Neo Zeon War. The AMX-04G Qubeley Mass Production Type also lacks the psycommu controller headset used in the AMX-004-3 Qubeley Mk-II.


  • Active Cannon
A pair of movable beam cannons are mounted on the suit's back and they have a wide-firing arc. The cannons can shoot at targets that are both in front of the mobile suit and targets behind the mobile suit.
  • Hand Launcher/Beam Saber
Mounted in the forearms, the pair of hand launchers/beam sabers are the same as the beam guns/sabers used by the Qubeley Mass Production Type's predecessor. When used as hand launchers, they function as beam guns and remain mounted in the forearms. When used as beam sabers, they are hand carried.
  • Funnels
The Qubeley Mass Production Type's most dangerous weapons system is the 30 psycommu controlled remote funnel weapons stored in the mobile suit's tail binder. The remote funnel weapon was based off of the Elmeth's larger remote bit, its smaller in size due to how it uses an energy capacitor system. Because the funnels don't have their own power generator they must recharge aboard the Qubeley after a certain amount of time. The remote funnels are used to create an all-range attack from multiple vectors, essentially creating a cage of beams that is impossible to dodge except for the most agile of mobile suits and the most skilled of pilots.

Special Equipment & Features

  • Psycommu System
During the One Year War, the researchers of the Flanagan Institute discover that Newtypes emit powerful thoughtwaves - similar to regular brainwaves, but not electrical in nature - which they call psycho-waves. The Flanagan Institute goes on to develop a mind-machine interface called the psycommu (psycho-communicator) system, which receives these thoughtwaves and translates them into computer commands. Using this interface a Newtype pilot can direct remote weapons, and operate huge mobile armors, by thought alone. The Principality forces based at the asteroid Axis succeed in miniaturizing the psycommu system, so that it can be installed in regular-sized mobile suits like the AMX-004 Qubeley. The Federation Forces, meanwhile, concentrate on developing artificially enhanced cyber-Newtypes to operate their psycommu weapons.


Following the successful testing of Newtype pilots Elpeo Ple and Ple Two using their Qubeley Mark-II mobile suits, Glemy Toto - claiming to be a genetically-engineered descendant of the late Principality of Zeon leader Gihren Zabi and intent on staging a coup against Haman Karn for control of Neo Zeon - began mass production of an improved Qubeley to be manned by his army of Ple Two clones.

Called the AMX-004G Qubeley Mass Production Type, this production-line unit was introduced in the last days of the First Neo Zeon War. With a Newtype army at his command, Glemy would start his civil war against Haman; however, very determined Haman loyalists - aided by a lot of luck and a bit of their own Newtype abilities - stopped the Ple clones and their mass-produced Qubeleys, resulting in an almost complete mutual annihilation of both Neo Zeon factions.

Early production models were painted gray, but the final production models were rolled out in a black and red paint scheme similar to the Qubeley Mark-II Unit 2. Some records also indicate that the Qubeley Mass Production Type was also assigned the model number AMX-017, though this piece of trivia is debatable.

A heavily damaged unit was somehow in the possession of the Vist Foundation and was later used in U.C.0096 to recondition Marida Cruz, who is one of the only surviving Ple Two clones from the first Neo Zeon movement.

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Notes & Trivia

  • Qubeley's name is derived from the Greek goddess "Cybele". Cybele embodies the fertile Earth, a goddess of caverns and mountains, walls and fortresses, nature, wild animals (especially lions and bees). Phrygian Cybele is often identified with the Hittite-Hurrian goddess Hebat, though this latter deity might have been the origin of only Anatolian Kubaba. The Greeks frequently conflated the two names, the Anatolian "Kubaba" and the Phrygian "Kybele", to refer to the Phrygian deity.


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