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The AMX-101S Gallus-S is a mobile suit featured in Advance of Zeta Re-Boot: Gundam Inle.

Technology & Combat Characteristics


AMX-101S Gallus-S (Desert Type)

  • 20 cm Lange Bruno Gun Kai
The same weapon found on the AMS-119 Geara Doga Heavy Weapons Type.

AMX-101S Gallus-S (Alicia Guard Type)

  • Heat Lance
As their name implies the heat lance rely on the technology, first developed by the Principality of Zeon, of using thermal energy to heat up a metal blade to super-high temperatures. The high heat allows the lance to begin melting the enemies armor on contact, which when combined with the force applied to the attack, can inflict significant damage. Because the heat lance do not have the range or the power of the beam saber the pilot is required to be more precise in their use, relying more on skill than technology.



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