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The AMX-103G Mass Production Type Hamma Hamma is a mobile suit which appears in the SD Gundam G Generation video games.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

In order to work around their flawed Quasi-Psycommu system, the developers decided to simplify much of Hamma Hamma's system. Taking the Hamma Hamma's concepts into account, the two large wire-guided claw arms are reduced to a single one for the left hand. In addition to operating as a regular ranged weapon, the arm could detach and be used in the same fashion as an incom. Its right arm is a standard manipulator hand, allowing the Mass Production Type Hamma Hamma to carry a standard beam saber for close combat. The shield featured on the prototype is omitted. The Mass Production TYpe Hamma Hamma can also switch its main optical cameras from a dual-sensor type to the traditional mono-eye. They also reduced number of thrusters to reduce the strain on the powerplant.


  • Wire-guided 2-barrel Beam Gun
The Mass Production Type Hamma Hamma mounts a 2-barrel beam gun in the palm of both of its claw like hands. These beam guns are the Mass Production Type Hamma Hamma's primary weapons and are the only weapons that draw power directly from the mobile suit's power generator. The weapons were designed to test the Quasi-Psycommu system and can launch from the Mass Production Type Hamma Hamma's arms, controlled via wires that keep the beam guns powered. However, the Quasi-Psycommu system was ineffective and failed to give the Mass Production Type Hamma Hamma the all range attack that the designs said it would have due to the limited length of the wires. But the four beam barrels had a power output of 3.1 MW, meaning it still had a decent amount of firepower at its disposal.
  • Beam Saber
The The Mass Production Type Hamma Hamma's shield serves as a recharge rack for two beam sabers that are hand carried when used and have a power rating of 0.74 MW each.

Special Equipment & Features

  • Quasi-Psycommu System
The quasi-psycommu was a computer control system designed to allow non-Newtype pilots to operate wire-guided remote weapons and conduct all-range attacks in a fashion similar to Newtype-use mobile weapons equipped with a standard Psycommu system. The development of this system was a major project for Neo Zeon 's war efforts. Rather than sending and receiving data via thought waves as in a true Psycommu system, the Quasi-Psycommu system continually samples the pilot's electrical brainwaves, allowing the pilot to communicate specific instructions almost instantaneously. This system permits the use of simple remote weapons like INCOMs, but even with computer support, these devices are only capable of two-dimensional movement.


During its war against the Earth Federation and the Anti-Earth Union Group, Neo Zeon sought to develop a mass production mobile suit that used the Quasi-Psycommu system, which allowed non-Newtype pilots to perform all-range attacks. One proposed design for this purpose was the AMX-103G Mass Production Type Hamma Hamma, a streamlined version of the AMX-103 Hamma Hamma piloted by Mashymre Cello. However, many flaws in the original Hamma Hamma's design were not addressed in the mass production model. Subsequently, development was scrapped, but Neo Zeon did eventually end up with a mass production quasi-psycommu mobile suit: the AMX-014 Doven Wolf.

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