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The AMX-103P Waiqueure (aka AMX-103P Valkyrie) is a mobile suit that appeared in the Jupiter (Zeus) in Operation Titan U.C. 0083 manga first published in GUNDAM WEAPONS #2 (March 1992).

Technology & Combat Characteristics

The AMX-103P featured four wire-guided manipulators and a mega particle cannon. It was equipped with additional propellant tanks to allow for longer operation time. The Waiqueure can also use a shield for defensive measures.


  • Wire-guided claw arm
  • Beam cannon
  • Shield

Special Equipment & Features

  • External Propellant Tank


The AMX-103P Waiqueure was used by Haman Karn to defend a Neo Zeon resource base from Federal forces on Ganymede, a satellite of Jupiter.


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