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Athrun talks with Gilbert Durandal about the attack on the PLANTs and what his plans are. Because the people in the PLANTs are outraged, a Lacus look-alike hired by Gilbert Durandal calms the people. Athrun decides to do something and Durandal shows him the new ZGMF-X23S Saviour and offers him the chance to become its pilot. Afterwards Athrun meets the fake Lacus again, Meer Campbell.


Athrun is stunned, hearing from Durandal that the Earth Alliance attempted to make another nuclear strike toward PLANT. He decides to forego the use of pseudonym and go by his real name Athrun Zala. Denying his father Patrick’s belief, he pleads with Durandal for peace. Athrun works himself up, and Durandal gently reasons with him saying that Athrun shouldn’t bear the burden of what his father did.

Meanwhile, across the PLANTs, citizens are outraged that the Alliance would attack them with nuclear weapons. Suddenly, a familiar voice calls out from every TV monitors and asks everyone to calm down… The lookalike Lacus, a girl named Meer Campbell, was speaking on a TV broadcast posing as Lacus.

Durandal confesses to Athrun that he arranged a fake Lacus, then takes him to a military hangar. He unveils the new Saviour Gundam and offers to entrust Athrun with it. Durandal says that he wants Athrun to be in a position of power when necessity arises, precisely because of the emotional distress by his father and because he seeks peace more than anyone else.

Deep in thought, Athrun is invited to dinner by Meer. She says that she doesn’t mind and is happy being Lacus to help the PLANTs. Athrun thinks about everything that has happened so far.


Mobile Weapon

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