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  • Wolfgang Wakkein
  • Gene Wakkein


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Hair Color
  • Blonde
  • Killed in Action
  • Male
  • Luna II Commandant
  • Tienem Fleet Commander
  • Lieutenant Commander (Luna II Commandant )
  • Captain (Tienem Fleet Commander)
  • Commodore
  • Admiral
Vessels Commanded
Admiral Wakkein (ワッケイン?) is a fictional character from the Mobile Suit Gundam series and Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin manga.


Mobile Suit Gundam

Admiral Wakkein was the commandant of the Earth Federal Space Force base Luna II. His flagship was the Magellan, which was scuttled by the White Base in order to escape from Luna II. Later in the series, he is shown as a key player in the Federation's capture of the Zeon space fortress Solomon. In the TV series, he later assists the White Base in a mop-up operation around Side 5's Texas colony. Here, his ship was forced to single-handedly engage Char Aznable's Zanzibar and was destroyed, presumably killing him. However, in the movie version, his fate is not clearly spelled out. While his ship is shown heavily damaged during the Battle of Solomon, it is not shown actually exploding.

Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin

The Origin version of Rear Admiral Wakkein parallels that of the TV series when the White Base flees to Luna II. There are extra scenes where he talks to Captain Paolo Cassius, who was his instructor at Officer Training School. Mortally wounded, Captain Paolo reminds Admiral Wakkein to remember what he had put in his final evaluation, which was "Regarding both theory and practice, nothing left to be desired but for an occasional lack of flexibility." Before passing away, Captain Paolo tells Admiral Wakkein that a new generation of youth is fighting the war, and perhaps it's best to let them take the spotlight. Upon this, Admiral Wakkein lets the White Base proceed to Earth.

Admiral Wakkein appears once again at the Battle of A Baoa Qu, having survived the Solar Ray attack that destroyed a third of the Federation Fleet. After consulting with Jaburo, he rallies the remaining Fleet and sets them up in a position to stage the final attack. During the opening phases of the battle, his line of Magellan-class battleships come under fire from the supercarrier Dolos, under the command of Rear Admiral Kycilia. With most of his battleships destroyed and his own ship taking heavy damage, Admiral Wakkein contacts Bright Noa and gives one last set of orders, ordering the White Base and the other Pegasus-class sister ships to commence an all-out, point blank assault on A Baoa Qu. The Dolos then finishes off Wakkein's vessel, killing him and all crew aboard.

Various Versions

Depending on the version of the story (animation, manga, novel), Wakkein is shown as either a sympathetic officer or one of the many incompetent Federation bureaucrats that White Base's crew must endure. The former characterization is more frequent. The novelizations indicate that Wakkein is also a poet, thus further suggesting a sensitive side to his character.

In the non-canon Outer Gundam manga, his full name is given as Wolfgang Wakkein.