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The Adrastea-class appears in the anime series Mobile Suit Victory Gundam.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

A bike-type battleship that is intended to be used on Earth but is able to function in space as well. The lower portion of the ship has mobile suit decks on either side for launches. An unknown ship of this class is seen operating on the lunar surface in the Crossbone Ghost series.


  • 2-barrel Main Guns
  • 3-barrel Main Gun
  • 2-barrel Secondary Guns
  • Secondary Guns


Meaning "inescapable" in Greek, the Adrastea-class land battleship was a design of battleship used by the Zanscare Empire. It's concept was to strike fear into the hearts of its advesrsaries by sheer intimidation factor. The Adrastea-class, along with the Lysithea-class, make up the warship forces of the Motorad Squadron. However this class of battleship has also belonged to Chronicle Asher one of the prominent figures in Zanscare Empire.




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