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Adukurf Mechano-Industries

Adukurf Mechano-Industries (アドゥカーフ・メカノインダストリー社, Adoukāfu Mekano Indasutorī-sha)




Purpose Mobile Weapon Developer
Independent Faction No

Adukurf Mechano-Industries is a fictional company in Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny.


Adukurf Mechano-Industries is a company that specializes in the development of large-size mobile armors. The mobile armors used by the Earth Alliance in the second war were produced by this company.


Factions of the Cosmic Era
Earth Alliance
Atlantic Federation | Eurasian Federation | Republic of East Asia | South Africa Union | United States of South America | OMNI Enforcer | Blue Cosmos/Logos | Phantom Pain
PLANT Supreme Council | ZAFT | African Community | Oceania Union
Neutral Entities
Equatorial Union | Kingdom of Scandinavia | Orb Union | Three Ships Alliance/Clyne Faction | Terminal | DSSD | Mars Colony
Non-Governmental Organizations
Actaeon Industries | Adukurf Mechano-Industries | Fujiyama Company | Junk Guild | Serpent Tail | Morgenroete | Librarian Works

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