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Advance of Zeta Re-Boot: Gundam Inle - Black Rabbit Had a Dream is a manga written and illustrated by Kenki Fujioka, and published by Dengeki Hobby magazine. It is the sequel to the Advance of Zeta: The Flag of Titans photo-novel.


Part 1

Set in U.C. 0091 after the end of the First Neo Zeon War, the plot follows ReZeon forces which have regrouped on Mars under a woman proclaiming herself Supreme Commander Alicia Zabi and absorbed Titans remnants who fled the Earth Sphere.

Part 2 Arcadia of Zwitterion


  • Chapter 0:
  • Chapter 1: Alice of Zeon - Part I
  • Chapter 2: Alice of Zeon - Part II




Mobile Weapons

Vehicles and Support Units

  • Sand Angler
  • Mud Angler
  • Gran-Xandria:Re


Mobile Weapons

  • RX-124 Barzam II
  • RMS-154 Barzam

Vehicles and Support Units

  • RX-123 Rabscuttle
  • Aswan
  • Alexandria




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