After War Gundam X: Newtype Warrior Jamil Neate (Kidou Shin Seiki Gundam X Gaiden : Newtype Senshi Jamil Neate, 機動新世紀ガンダムX外伝 ニュータイプ戦士ジャミル・ニート), is a manga one-shot prequel to the After War Gundam X anime. The side story was released in third Tankōbon Volume of the Gundam X manga, it is broken into two parts that follow the life Jamil Neate as a young United Nations Earth mobile suit pilot during the 7th Space War.


Jamil Neate is a Newtype soldier in the United Nations Earth army, fighting against the Space Revolutionary Army as they launch a preemptive attack against "Operation Lilac". Gundam X appeared under the drop pod and began its attack, while it was able to destroy and stop the attack, one Bertigo mobile suit was able to escape destruction.



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