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Hair Color
  • Black
Eye Color
  • Black
  • Male
  • Mobile Suit Pilot
  • Mobile Worker Pilot
  • Unit Leader
Mobile Weapons

Akihiro Altland (昭弘・アルトランド Akihiro Arutorando?) is a character that appears in the Mobile Suit Gundam IRON-BLOODED ORPHANS television series. He is the leader of the CGS' Human Debris (ヒューマンデブリ Hyūman Deburi?).

Personality & Character

At a young age, Akihiro became a human debris, constantly thrown into situations where one can die anytime anywhere. and this caused him to be cold, withdrawn, and cliquish as shown when he bluntly told Orga that he will obey any order from anyone if they are in authority. His only concern was survival. He has a somewhat friendly rivalry with Mikazuki and is frequently seen working out. He often takes the lead during dangerous operations.[1]

As Tekkadan valued him as a person instead of just an effective killing machine, his relationship with the other members improved, eventually calling them his family and Tekkadan his home. The other members also look at him as a reliable big brother and a leader in the field. Having experienced hardships as a human debris and later found a place where he belonged, he extended his kindness and sympathy to the surviving human debris of the Brewers inducted into Tekkadan. He even proposed that those without a last name can take on his. This is also his way of thanking them for taking care of his brother, Masahiro, in the past.

Akihiro is also known for his single-mindedness and resilience. His persistence in improving his mobile suit piloting skill impressed Azee and Lafter enough that both agreed to personally instruct and train him.

The deaths of his family members and close friends weight heavily on Akihiro, causing him to question how many more time must he let go of his loved one. He resolved himself to be less "decent" as a person in order to protect those precious to him.

Like some of the others in Tekkadan, Akihiro's social skills were blunted, particularly when it came to girls and how to return their feelings. When he was asked out to drinks by Lafter, it took Eugene and Shino's orders for him to go with her alone instead of bringing the others along.

Skills & Abilities

His piloting skills are second only to Mikazuki’s, however early on his fighting style was extremely reckless and unrefined.[1] He had also received the Alaya-Vijnana System surgical treatment twice and survived. During the initial encounter with Teiwaz's subsidiary, Turbines, he was able to hold his ground against the highly skilled Amida and Azee and their Hyakurens, despite not having Alaya-Vijnana equipped on his Graze Custom. Realizing that he still had much to learn, he forced himself to go through grueling training regimens and eventually received training from Azee and Lafter. Due to this, his piloting skills vastly improved. Later when he received the Gusion Rebake, his combat prowess improved even further with him being able to take on multiple opponents at once during the battle on Millennium Island and Edmonton.

For reasons unclear, Akihiro is obsessed with maintaining and improving his physical fitness, and is frequently seen training when he has nothing better to do. This makes him easily the fittest, bulkiest, and strongest member of Tekkadan. His fighting skills as an individual is unknown, as he is never seen having to fight outside his suit, though he was capable of easily lifting and throwing Radice one-handed on Earth.


When he was a child, his parents' trade ship was attacked by pirates and he was trafficked for money as a Human Debris.

Though he and his group are technically freed by Orga after Tekkadan's mutiny, Akihiro and his fellow Human Debris members remain with the group out of gratitude and the fact that it would be almost impossible for them to get regular jobs.


Lafter Frankland

Due to Akihiro's cold nature, their initial relationship can be compared to typical colleagues. Lafter helped with Akihiro's training to improve his piloting skills on board the Hammerhead. During the battle in Millennium Island, Akihiro was scolded by Lafter for missing the Gjallarhorn's ship while firing the smoothbore guns using the Gundam Gusion Rebake. Lafter was affected when she saw Akihiro mourning Aston's death, and eventually with the help of Azee, she realized that she has feelings for Akihiro though she decides to keep it a secret from him for the time being. Before Lafter leaves with the rest of the Turbines who stayed with Tekkadan, Akihiro admits to her that the only ones he could trust to have his back were her and Mikazuki. He is devastated by Lafter's murder, and her death, along with those of Masahiro and Aston, result in him becoming brutal in battle. He asks for their forgiveness if they ever reunite. After Tekkadan's killing of Jasley, he is uneasy about the vengeance, unsure that Lafter and the other Turbines members would have wanted Tekkadan to do such a thing.

Azee Gurumin

Azee helped Lafter train Akihiro after he was insistent on becoming a much more skilled pilot. Thanks to her instruction Akihiro greatly matured as both a pilot and a person while Azee on the other hand has grown very fond of her pupil. Azee seems to approve of Lafter and Akihiro becoming lovers as she agreed not to inform Naze and instead encouraged Lafter.

Aston Altland

Akihiro is shown to see Aston as a younger brother, being greatly affected upon his death.


Notes & Trivia

  • Akihiro greatly resembles Guts from the dark fantasy series Berserk. Both possess similar hairstyles and powerful physiques as well as a tragic past. Both also served as merceneries and as a result many fans jokingly call him "Space Guts" because of this.


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