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Hair Color
  • Blond
Eye Color
  • Purple
  • Male
  • Chief Engineer
  • Teacher
  • Coach
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Allan Adams (アラン·アダムス Aran Adamusu?) is a fictional character that appears in the Gundam Build Fighters and Gundam Build Fighters Try anime series. He also appears in the sidestory manga Gundam Build Fighters Amazing.

Personality and Character

As a person Allan is seen as a passive person, and he doesn't like to interfere with other people's affairs. He is however, concerned for Tatsuya Yuuki, as they were friends at the Academy.

Skills and Abilities

Allan is very proficient when it comes to building Gunpla, as he was a student at the Gunpla Academy, and later PPSE's Chief Engineer.


Allan Adams is an engineer who specializes in Plavsky Particles. He belongs to Gundam Works department of PPSE company that monopolize the Plavsky particle generation system.

He is mostly seen alongside the Third Meijin as his operator, after the battle of A Baoa Qu, he is seen alongside the Meijin promoting Gunpla.

In Gundam Build Fighters Try, he is the head coach of the Gunpla Academy and Celestial Sphere, their team for the tournament which includes his own nephew and niece, Wilfrid Kijima and Shia Kijima.


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