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  • Female
  • Fisherman

Anu is a character in Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ. She is the sister of Taman.


Anu is introduced to Judau by Taman when he returns home after accepting payment to assist the Argama. She is concerned about his work at a nearby mobile suit operations center and fear that it will get him involved in a battle that may take his life. Judau agrees to try and convince him to stop his work there and leaves. Anu leads Judau to a cave held by Neo Zeon that they are using as a base for a small number of aquatic mobile suits, several RMS-192M Zaku Mariners and an AMX-109 Capule. Judau confronts Taman on the fact that he took money from the Argama in order to lead them to safety and is now attacking it, Taman says he has no choice and knocks Judau out.

Anu calls out to Judau trying to wake him up. In his unconscious state he first recognizes the voice as Leina's, but then wakes and returns to reality. He asks Anu about pursuing Taman on her boat, but she warns him that he doesn't know the area and it would be dangerous. Fortunately Elpeo arrives and after checking to make sure that Anu isn't doing anything suspicious with Judau she hugs him and agrees to give him back his core fighter as long as she rides with him.

They leave Anu and battle Taman, winning and convincing him to stop fighting. They are all reunited and Taman promises to Anu to never fight again.