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Ashuramaru a

Voiced By

Japanese Voice Katsuyuki Konishi
English Voice Dominic Joseph
Alias(es) Kujakumaru
Height 178.91cm
Weight 167.75kg
Eye Color Brown
Gender Male
Nationality Ark
Military Info
Allegiance Kibaomaru

Ashuramaru (阿修羅丸, Ashura-Maru) is a character in Superior Defender Gundam Force.


Formerly Kujakumaru and a one time friend of Bakunetsumaru, he joined Kibaomaru to gain enough power to seek revenge against Bakunetsumaru for sparing his life out of respect when he lost a duel to the Blazing Samurai. He also believes that surrender to Kibaomaru/the Dark Axis is the only way to end the civil war ravaging his homeland. Ashuramaru was later defeated in a death-duel against Bakunetsumaru, upon which he asked for his friend's forgiveness before transforming back into a GunSoul which was taken by the Dai-Shogun of Perfect Virtue.



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