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After being framed as a traitor, Athrun tries to escape in a ZGMF-2000 GOUF Ignited, taking Meyrin Hawke with him. They are pursued by Shinn (piloting the Destiny), and Rey (piloting the Legend).


In contrast to Shinn’s joy of being given Destiny Gundam, Athrun lashes out at Durandal and asks why he issued the order to destroy the Archangel. It is true that Kira and the others confused the war situation, but in the sense that they also want to eliminate war, they are comrades.Meer worries about Athrun who is directing a suspicious look at Durandal. At the Gibraltar base, preparation for the Heaven’s Base attack is almost ready.The ZAFT welcomed an Earth Alliance fleet that agreed to Durandal’s idea, and the base is in a state of commotion. Meer visits Athrun and tries to persuade him to be obedient to Durandal. She overheard Durandal and Rey’s conversation and knew that Athrun was in danger. People who do not play the assigned roles, will die without mercy ― this was Durandal’s true character. Soldiers pursue Athrun, and he tries to take Meer with him but she refuses to go with him. Meer chooses to live as Lacus.

Thanks to Meyrin’s quick thinking, Athrun shakes off the base security and arrives at a mobile suit hangar. However, Rey soon follows and tries to kill both Athrun and Meyrin. In the course of things Meyrin boards a GOUF Ignited with Athrun, and the two escape from Gibraltar to find the Archangel. Rey immediately boards Legend Gundam. And together with Shinn, who is surprised by Athrun’s betrayal, go after them.

Gundam SEED Destiny Episodes

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