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  • Female
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Azee Gurumin is a character that appears in the Mobile Suit Gundam IRON-BLOODED ORPHANS television series.


Azee is a pilot with a cool personality, she carries out orders from Naze Turbine calmly during combat. She acts as a mentor for the Tekkaden members.

Skills and Abilities

Azee is a highly skilled pilot and is easily far more capable than most pilots, even those who utilize the Alaya-Vijnana system. Only those of extreme skill and/or talent could be considered greater than herself. However, her skill only truly shines when she's fighting alongside her companion Lafter as both are highly trained to fight in sync with the other.


Not much is known of Azee's past other than that like Naze's other wives she was rescued from poor circumstances and accepted the offer to join his crew the Turbines years ago. Ever since than she has served as one of Naze's most skilled pilots, and one of his wives, alongside her partner Lafter, also a wife of Naze. When the Turbines enters into conflict with Tekkadan, Azee along with Lafter met them in battle until a ceasefire was agreed upon. Due to Naze being impressed by Tekkadan he agreed to swear brotherhood with Tekkadan's leader Orga. As such Azee, along with Lafter, were sent to help train and protect Tekkadan. Ever since then Azee has fought alongside Tekkadan and has proved a valuable instructor and pilot to them.


Naze Turbine

After being rescued in the past by Naze, Azee agreed to become his wife and join the Tiewaz under his banner the Turbines. While it is unknown what being one of Naze's wives actually entails, or if it's ever consummated, Azee is nonetheless fiercely loyal to Naze and obeys all his orders without question. However, she is not beyond keeping secrets from him as when she found out that Lafter had fallen in love with Akihiro, Azee agreed to not tell Naze until Lafter was ready.

Lafter Frankland

Azee's fellow companion and trusted ally. Both are at their best during battle when fighting in sync and outside battle they share a very close relationship. Oftenly they're seen confiding and traveling together, though as of late Lafter has been spending more time with Akihiro when Azee is busy working. So close is their relationship that Azee is able to immediately realize that Lafter had fallen in love with Akihiro and due to their friendship she agreed to not tell Naze until Lafter was ready.

Akihiro Altland

While their relationship is a highly professional one where Azee has helped to train Akihiro it cannot be denied that she has grown fond of him. Though bearing no romantic feelings for Akihiro she is concerned for his well being and dutifully watches over him on and off the battle. When Azee later finds out that Lafter had fallen in love with Akihiro, Azee seemed to approve of the possible relationship even going as far as agreeing to keep it a secret from Naze. Thus showing how fond she has grown towards Akihiro considering how close Lafter and Azee are.


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