Voiced By

Japanese Voice Tetsuo Komura
Alias(es) Invincible of the East
Gender Male
Nationality Ark
Affiliation(s) The Kibao Horde
Military Info
Allegiance Kibaomaru

Invincible of the East, Bakuhamaru (東方不敗 爆覇丸, Touhoufuhai Bakuha-Maru) is a character in Superior Defender Gundam Force.


The right-hand man of Kibaomaru, Bakuhamaru is the leader of the Kibao Horde, a group of four powerful musha gundams that protect Kibaomaru and lead his army. Armed with a giant hammer, Bakuhamaru uses it to preform his devastating Bakuha Se Genki.

Bakuhamaru is fiercely loyal to Kibaomaru, staying at his side throughout the war in Ark against Britainmaru's forces. After Kibaomaru's defeat, and the arrival of the Dark Axis fortress, he leads the Kibao Horde in battle against the Dark Axis alongside the remaining forces of Britainmaru and the Gundam Force.



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