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Ballistic Equipment & Space Patrol Armory

BESPA logo

Ballistic Equipment & Space Patrol Armory (弾道研究と宇宙偵察部隊本部, Dandō Kenkyū to Uchū Teisatsu Butai Honbu)




Purpose Mobile Weapons Developer
Independent Faction No
Mecha and Technologies

The Ballistic Equipment & Space Patrol Armory, or simply BESPA (ベスパ), is the name of the Zanscare imperial army. Originally the Side 2 branch of the Earth Federation's very own MS development think-tank, the SNRI.


BESPA was established simultaneously following the founding of the Side 2 movement initiated by the Zanscare Empire. The SNRI Side 2 branch was forcibly occupied and personnel and research facilities were requisitioned to provide the mobile weapons for the small nation; as the Earth Federation had fallen on hard times, the new BESPA weapons allowed them to more than handle the EF's outmoded weaponry.

Basic branches

  • Yellow Jacket
  • Pippiniden Company
  • Gadarl Corps
  • Keilas Guilie Fleet
  • Zugan Fleet
  • Motorad Fleet
  • Local Guard Division
  • Tassilo Fleet


The acronym of "BESPA" is taken from the Italian word "vespa", meaning "wasp"; see BESPA logo, "Yellow Jacket" branch, etc. It is something of a pun, as Japanese uses the same sound for the B and V sounds of other languages.

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