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The Bandaal is a mobile land fortress in the series After War Gundam X.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

The Bandaal is a large mobile land fortress armed with an unknown but large number of beam cannons. Its most powerful weapon are two photon particle beam cannons. Besides this the ship is protected by a large number of Mobile Suits.


  • Beam Cannon
  • Photon Particle Beam Cannon


Built at an unknown time in the After War era, in AW 0015 the Bandaal was part of the 36th regiment under the command of Captain Kazov. Being near the 8th base which was taken over by the forces of the Space Revolutionary Army, the ship, together with a large number of NRX-009 Balient mobile suits as well as the Frost brothers in their respective Gundams, was deployed to prevent the Revolutionary forces from escaping into space.

When the fortress arrived at the base, they also faced against the Vulture group of the Freeden and its Gundams. However the Vultures where not capable of destroying the massive fortress, who activated its photon particle beam cannons to prevent the space ship with the Revolutionary forces from flying into space. They were capable of destroying the hangar but the ship left it in time. Before the Bandaal could deliver a second shot at the space ship, the Freeden was rammed into the land fortress, causing the destruction of the New UNE ship. The Freeden crew however was captured by the forces of the UNE.


Notes & Trivia

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