The Bering-class is a MS sea-carrier used by the ESF in season 2 of Mobile Suit Gundam 00.

Technnology & Combat Characteristics

The A-Laws MS Carrier duals as a MS carrier and destroyer. Loaded with depth charges for search & destroy operations and launching of mobile suits, it's a limited sustainable warship. The carriers have two large hulls on the side specifically for MS transportation. Fitted with all the compliments of a modern warship, it has tactical rooms, command bridge, MS maintenance bays, and living quarters for soldiers to use on extended periods of operation. The ship itself has new advance sensors to detect Celestial Being, but largely dependent on its GNX IIIs and Aheads to defend the ship. For unexplained reasons, the ship has very limited combat capabilities. A possible reason for this was to cut costs in construction and have its own MS units compensate for this lack of defenses. Overall the ship is rather unimpressive, but makes up for it with the weapons it carries on board.


  • Chemical Binding Depth Charges
The mid top section of the ship has a depth charge launcher that can fire specially made chemicals that bind submersibles on contact. The resin explodes on contact and reacts with the sea water to become a sticky web-like net that limits a submersible from movement. When successfully deployed, the target becomes paralyzed and can be captured or destroyed.
  • Laser Cannons
Folding cannons mounted on the middle section of the ship. Are of the same model on other A-Laws/ESF Army ships featured in the Second Season of Mobile Suit Gundam 00.[1]
  • Anti Air Laser Phalanx
Laced throughout the exterior of the ship, they are weaker compared to the laser cannons, and are used to intercept missiles, and in rare cases, Mobile Suits.[1]

System Features


This large carrier is commissioned and deployed by A-LAWS. It has very little in defensive armaments, but makes up for it with large hangars and flight decks. It is capable of storing at least twelve mobile suits - generally GN-XIIIs and Aheads. It is even capable of transporting the massive Empruss mobile armor. In addition, it also carries aquatic mobile armors such as the Trilobite for large-scale underwater operations.

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