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Genetic Type
  • Newtype
  • Male
  • Mobile suit pilot
  • Ensign
Mobile Weapons

Billy Hickam (ダリル・ローレンツ Dariru Rōrentsu?) is a Zeon soldier in Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt manga, its ONA adaptation and the ONA's compilation movie. A member of Daryl Lorenz's Special Operations team and one of its best pilots, Billy ranks as either the assault leader or executive officer of the units.

Personality & Character

Billy is young, not just for an officer but also as a soldier. A Newtype, as noted by fellow Zeon Remnants, he seems to enjoy battle, and is cold and ruthless in combat, going so far as to recommend killing children in order to keep the teams extraction mission covert.

A interest in Ensign Daryl Lorenz has become something of an obsession. Hickam seems to think Daryl is a Newtype as well and moreover has observed and been impressed by his combat abilities.


Not much is currently known about Billy's life before or during the One Year War. His Newtype abilities was identified during the war, and he fought at the battle of A Baoa Qu in a experimental MSN-01 Psycommu Test High Mobility Type Zaku II. Shown to be skilled and capable, Billy was shaken from the intensity of the battle and upset at the take over of the fortress and the Flanagan Institute.

Currently Billy is operating as a member of Daryl Lorenz's Special Operation's Team in South East Asia.

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