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  • Aaronchen351
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  • StarBuildBurningGundam

    Who do you think in the nationals will give the Try Burning Gundam a good fight 1v1?

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  • Ganj

    Jigen Haō-ryū!!!

    January 21, 2015 by Ganj

    Sekai Kamiki practices a style of martial arts known as (), developed predominantly as a striking art using punches, kicks, knee strikes, elbow strikes and open-hand techniques such as knife-hands, spear-hands, and palm-heel strikes. While piloting the Build Burning Gundam, Sekai demonstrates the full efficiency of this art.

    A punch that is capable of stirring up the wind and scattering Plavsky Particles away from the playing field.
    A jumping uppercut.
    A straight (or occasionally, lunging) punch, with striking fist charged with Plavsky Particles. Sekai occasionally attaches the Winning Knuckle to improve the overall efficiency of this technique.
    A diving kick while airborne, with striking foot charged with Plavsky Particles.
    This t…
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  • Observer Supreme

    In my case, I've grown more than interested in Gihren, Gihren, Mobile Suit Gundam Alpha by User:Wing Zero Alpha, and Mobile Suit Gundam: A Different UC 0079 by User:Zakuboy0079 which are both found on in the anime category of Gundam UC as in the Universal Century. The first is a Point of View of Gihren Zabi that the writer uses to interpret him in a little more humanely idealistically than the complete monster that showed no remorse as he was shown to be in canon, the second is a retooled version of the franchise in a farther, galaxy-wide future, and the third one is an AU of a world where Zeon Zum Deikun survived the assassination and lived to lead the Republic of Zeon which would include Amuro Ray and the first six of the …

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  • Observer Supreme

    I can't exactly say I'm a big observer of this franchise, but I have watched some episodes of the first anime on YouTube that could be available and I'm actually hyped to the Sieg Zeon speech. Although, I feel that this wiki is a little too based on just Wikipedia than as a wiki of it's grandeur, but maybe that's just my personal preferences talking. I keep seeing some remarks of Degwin confessing murdering Zeon in the 52 count, but no other plans beyond that. The birth order of the Zabi children should be accounted for as well. Then there's the franchise itself. It's hard to tell whether this was something kid friendly or something more grown-up for the seventies. From what I've gathered there were some brief instances of awkward shower s…

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  • Lori sei555

    Hey guys I am making a blog to discussion some gundam fights and here thoughts on gundams that you guys like. My favorite Gundam is the Build Burning Gundam and I feel is unstoppable.

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  • Kaihedgie

    Yes, you heard that right. As part of their campaign to have Gundam "spread its wings to the world", the next big step was taken to bring Gundam back to American/English shores, teaming up with RightStuf to not only sub, but even dub several shows, which includes not only Turn A (which previously had its original dub plans cancelled), but even the upcoming Origin OVA. They're currently looking for someone to dub G-Reco as well. You can read it all here:

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  • Jomogunpla

    Sawatdee FR TH

    August 30, 2014 by Jomogunpla

    Sawatdee Krub I m from Thailand.

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  • Guyver92

    in my opinon do to the uneek propertys of the minovsky partical the n jammers would have no effect on the fusson reactons of mobile suits outfited with this type of gennerator. 

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  • Falloutghoul

    Okay, I've been noticing a few disturbing things about Wikia's advertising within articles.

    I've first noticed this here, highlighted in the black box:

    I think this advertising is getting out of hand. I checked on other wikias, and it's only prevalent here. What the heck?

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  • FortressMaximus

    Gundam Rising

    June 24, 2014 by FortressMaximus

    Mobile Suit Gundam and Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin

    • Episode 1 Gundam Rising
    • Manga Chapter(s):1, 2 and 3

    Both the anime and manga begin with pretty much the same description of the war.

    Several Zakus approach the colony at Side 7 and enter. Fraw comes to visit Amuro, presumbly at the exact same time as White Base docks because the events are swapped in the manga.

    The first major difference is the battle between the Zaku infiltrators and the RX-78-01 Prototype Gundam. In the anime they simply spy in the civilian area.

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  • FortressMaximus

    Following completion of my studies for the time being, I'll be starting reviews of the Gundam franchise, starting from the very first series, however, since recently buying Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin manga, I have decided to review them both simultaneously and do a comparison. When the Origin movies come out next year, I'll make some modifications.

    1. Gundam Rising
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  • Kaihedgie

    It really does not help that no one has actually bothered to fully scanlate the original EX A manga, but on top of all that, EXA VS throws us a ton of new stuff like Leos' new Super Saiyan hairdo and the use of an upgraded Extreme Gundam. Ex- is nowhere to be seen and I think he may be dead. Or at least I think he is considering that the bonus final boss in Maxi Boost is "ex-(DC)". Then there's Sthesia and the new Extreme Gundam R. Some answers or guesses would be nice.

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  • Razor Boyz
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  • Lover201654

    hey peps

    March 21, 2014 by Lover201654

    i just wanted to say keep me posted

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  • Kampferamazing

    hi everyone!my name is kampfer amazing.i have a brother who is particle35.who likes my starbiscuit more or the goldfish more?

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  • Limearose1

    Gundam Series

    March 15, 2014 by Limearose1

    Let me first introduce myself, I'm Lime and I've been a huge fan of Gundam since I was little. I've been wondering exactly, how many Gundam shows are there? I've only watched a couple of them: Gundam Build Fighters, Gundam SEED, Gundam SEED Destiny, Gundam Age etc. I'll really appreciate it if you  answer just put the total down below or send me a link, thank you! 

    P.S. What's your favorite Gundam show and figure, I LOVE 

    • GPB-O4B Beargguy
    • KUMA-03 Beargguy III (san)
    • AMX-004 Qubeley
    • SD Knight Gundam
    • xvb-xd Farsia
    • GPB-04NYA Nyagguy
    • GF13-05NSW Nobel
    • Gundam GF13-050NSWII Super Nobel 

    ​       and etc. (those are my top favorites)


                                           ♥ I'll Always Be There For My Friends, Lime ♥ (talk) 15:38, March 15, 2014 (UTC)

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  • FortressMaximus


    March 6, 2014 by FortressMaximus

    Other than watching the anime themselves, what sources does this wiki use, specifically for mecha statistics, e.g. mahq? Maybe instructions to model kits might include details? What sites should we use info from?

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  • Falloutghoul

    Image Preservation

    December 1, 2013 by Falloutghoul
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  • Kaihedgie

    Extreme Vs Maxi Boost

    October 24, 2013 by Kaihedgie

    Yes, they confirmed yet arcade update for Extreme Vs called Maxi Boost. Since I can't read Japanese, I don't know what new gameplay mechanics or features they added other than something called S and F-Drive. Buuuut, this image in particular confirms a LOT of new units:

    From left to right

    AGE-1, Avalanche Exia, Perfect Strike, Penelope, Legend and Brave Commander Type. Additional image confirming AGE-2…

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  • Falloutghoul

    I have no idea what this mobile suit is. It apparently looks like a modified Gelgoog for use by Newtypes.

    It appears to have 4 wire-guided beam guns (2 in the forearms, 2 in the legs), a missle shield with an unknown weapon in the center, and a two 3-tube missle launchers on its shoulders.

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  • FortressMaximus

    Help construct the real robot and super robotbattles!

    Discuss under this link please:

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  • Slimmcutta1


    August 28, 2013 by Slimmcutta1

    ok ive recently been building gundams and i am terrified to paint my master grade, and perfect grades. Simply because i do not know one thing. Will it take away from the value down the line if i ever plan on selling my kits that are built, can anyone respond with an answer????

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  • Matt Hadick

    Hey there, Gundam fans!

    It's been a few weeks and Battle World rages on! We've reached the fourth round, and with only four Kaiju and four Robots remaining, things are starting to get really exciting. RX-78-2 Gundam is in the lead over Futurama's bender at the time of this posting, but it's up to YOU to decide who makes it to the final battle! Watch the Battle World trailer below, vote for your favorite Robot and Kaiju, and make sure to tell us about YOUR ultimate battle in the comments.

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  • Matt Hadick

    As you might know, Wikia is currently hosting an Ultimate Battle between Kaiju and Robots on the Ultraman wiki. We're a couple rounds in and we're proud to report that RX-78-2 is still in the running. It's up to you and your community, however, to ensure they defeat MEGAS from MEGAS XLR and advance to the quarter finals -- so head over and vote!

    Don't forget to spread the word!

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  • Don'tHateOnFate

    The possible reason for the SEED/SEED Destiny Remaster releases are that they might finally putting the SEED movie in production. Maybe they're re-releasing it because they want to people to familiarize themselves with SEED.

    You guys may be thinking,"Well, it's probably because of the 10th Anniversary for the series." or "Maybe they're adding scrapped ideas to make it better than it already was."

    But come on guys, it's been like, 5 years since they said anything about the movie.  

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  • GothicKitty

    My Blog

    June 13, 2013 by GothicKitty

    i'm GothicKitten from philippines....

    I joined the wiki because i like gundam seed and GSD

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  • Darth Awar
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  • Sbrzzi

    1 2

    But please put in External Links that this info is from Fansite OK

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  • Razor Boyz

    Pilots of the Cosmic Era

    February 7, 2013 by Razor Boyz
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  • Don'tHateOnFate

    First Blog....Ever.

    January 13, 2013 by Don'tHateOnFate

    This my Gundam. And yes, you guessed it. It's called Fate. Or F-600 Winged Fate, it's full name.

    It isn't colored yet, but will be soon.

    I'm still deciding if this should be on the fanon wiki. I don't know, you guys tell me.

    I have finally decided to put this on the fanon wiki. I will post stories and what-not on the wiki. My friends and I will be releasing the first chapter soon, hopefully.The series is called Mobile Suit Gundam: White.

    Feel free to give us ideas! And tell all your friends about us!- Chris, lead writer, creator of the story.

    Mobile Suit Gundam: White page

    Winged Fate page

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  • Sioraf.killeens

    Gundam WW2
    Earth Federation Allies
    Zeon Nazi Germany
    Neo Zeon Neo Nazis
    Gihren Zabi Adolf Hitler
    Battle Of Odessa Battle Of Stalingrad
    Zaku Panzer
    Ramba Ral And Andrew Waltfeld Erwin Rommel
    Jaburo El Alamein
    Adenauer Paraya Neville Chamberlain

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  • Gundamkits

    RG 1/144 Z Gundam by GKC

    October 12, 2012 by Gundamkits

    RG 1/144 Zeta Gundam 52nd on display at All Japan Model Hobby Show Exhibition

    Release Date: November 2012

    Price: 3,000 Yen

    more posts about RG 1/144 Zeta Gundam here:


    RG 1/144 Zeta Box Art ^_^ looking very sweet!

    hoping to see higher quality box art soon

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  • Sioraf.killeens

    My Gundam Reviews

    October 10, 2012 by Sioraf.killeens
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  • Falloutghoul

    These are the codes that I will remember when editing articles in the futute:

    Remembering these is a must.

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  • Diseasicon

    Turn X update

    August 18, 2012 by Diseasicon

    I updated the Turn X armaments to reflect the beam cannons in each of it's body bits. In the show, we see it fire a beam from the legs, and one of the shoulders at the very least, and in most games, it is capable of firing a beam from every single body bit. If anybody disagrees with this, please feel free to discuss it with me.

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  • Warmachine375

    Well, I was kinda wondering if there's a possibility of the prequel series of Mobile Suit Gundam 00.

    This series might tell the story of Celestial Being's early history before revealing themselves to the public in the year 2307, as well as the lives of the Gundam Meisters.

    If it's confirmed, it might be awesome seeing the other Gundams in action, the lives of the other Gundam Meisters and also the events before their public appearance to the world.

    Hope you like the idea.

    If any of you had contacts with the people working in Sunrise, tell them about that idea I made. But if not, well it's okay.

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  • Stabber ApSig

    In the original Gundam series, the technology and weapons are really ground in what we know as possible.

    And then somewhere in Double Zeta Gundam the Psyco Gundma Mk. II and the Shamblo introduces the Reflector Bit, which is like having a mirror for your beam weapons to be redirected.

    Next was the Regnant where it bends its beam at 90 degrees in mid-flight to chase and attempt to destroy its target.

    The most recent addition to this list of Beam Benders is in Gundam Age, where the Ghirarga and the Legilis Gundam have the Partilce Bit system where it sends out these little beam balls of All-range death. I think their a step below a full-blown Homing Laser from Eureka Seven

    So the questions are:

    • Any thoughts on these amazing pieces of tech, how awesome…

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  • Cerano Agamemnon

    I've been gone for a while and will be again soon, but I couldn't notice that there have been some recent redirect problems that were not present before. I don't know if this has to do with the background scheme/other internal changes on this wiki (which I doubt) or on Wikia. As I am inclined, I blame Wikia.

    I left shortly after the change to this new horrid, non-intuitive, picture-heavy, tool-lacking editor format, though that is purely coincidence.

    In any case, it seems just about NOTHING on this site redirects anymore. I seem to remember that problem from when I first discovered this site, and every now and then thereafter. I very clearly remember making several redirects (which we don't get any edit credits for on our profiles by the way…

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  • Duo2nd


    April 30, 2012 by Duo2nd

    YOU always revert ALL of of Edits? WHY??



    I've never been this mad!

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  • Senia12

    anyone know the name of the personal profile book of the UC Era

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  • Duo2nd

    This one would be too stupid to explain since It's gonna be a big question on the cannonity of a certain manga or anime. And time were going into one that's being questioned by many Gundam Fans. That is......the Cannonity of Mobile Suit Gundam AGE: Treasure Star.

    So now we know Mobile Suit Gundam AGE: Memories of Sid is canon being set between the second and third generations. Treasure Star is a different sheep of a color. It can be considered as a black sheep of the AGE series and its cannonity is questioned all because of one thing: Treasure Star's Replicas of the AGE-1 Normal, AGE-Builder and the AGE System as well as the G-Exes Custom. And I think I get it.

    I heard on one chapter that Daiki's father is involved in some research or someth…

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  • ChangingGuy


    April 11, 2012 by ChangingGuy

    Hello - I'm new here! Hope this wiki is friendy and it will welcome me here. Wacha doing??

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  • Sbrzzi

    Who know JP

    April 6, 2012 by Sbrzzi

    i have info for som battleships but i don`t know jp i can use only google translate buat lock how it lock

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  • Sbrzzi

    where to watch

    April 2, 2012 by Sbrzzi

    where to watch or download ms Gundam f91 for free

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  • Hrey49

    Got a question

    March 31, 2012 by Hrey49

    there was this one gundam series where in the end the enemy was a BIG gundam, and in the last scene is the main character and a woman is walking away but he lost one of his legs so he is on a crutch and he is leaning on her as the walk away. main question what is the series, what is the enemy gundam. that is all

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  • Genthar

    Hello everyone,recently i've been adding some SD Gundam G Generation Wars image in the gallery of some of the Gundams,i just want to ask your oppinions,should i keep adding images or should i stop ?

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  • Dav7d2

    Additional Features!

    February 3, 2012 by Dav7d2

    Hey Editors!

    I decided to add some additional features to the Wikia, that I hope you will enjoy. If you do want them or do not like them or just simply want to complain, please respond on my talk page. Here is the basic rundown of a few things I have added.

    Instantaneously communicate with other people who love your wiki and your wiki's topic as much as you do! Anyone with a Wikia account can join chat via the "Join the Chat" button in the right navigational area of your site.
    Location: Go to Wikia Activity page and look under the "Add a Page", you'll see a "Join the Chat" click it in order to chat with other editors like you!
    Message Wall
    Communicating with the contributors on your wiki is an essential part of building and maintaining your…
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  • ArchangelGundam

    Based on the data of the GNX-903VS Brave (Standard Test Type)/GNX-903VW Brave (Commander Test Type) and the CB-0000G/C Reborns Gundam, would it be reasonable to say the Brave Commander/Standard Test types are more advanced than the Reborns Gundam/Cannon? Not trying to sound like Blitz.

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  • BlitzGundam

    I would like to apologize to the Gundam Wiki's administrators for my unruly conduct. I ask for their fogiveness and for the following:

    1. a way to watch Mobile Suit Gundam 00 The Movie: Awakening of the Trailblazer
    2. A way to delet one/some of my blog posts
    3. the date which the Remastered Gundam SEED will be broadcasting
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