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The Minerva leaves Orb but an Earth Alliance fleet awaits them right outside Orb territorial waters. The Minerva is forced to break through, since Orb will not let them return. The situation worsens when the Earth Alliance deploys its new prototype mobile armor, but thanks to Shinn's SEED factor, he causes heavy damage to the Earth Alliance's fleet, and ultimately, their retreat. Meanwhile, Athrun rejoins ZAFT.


The Minerva is blocked the line of retreat and is forced a frontal breakthrough. Lunamaria and Rey are posted as defense on the ship’s deck, and Shinn intercepts a squad of Windams. But when the Alliance’s new MA (Mobile Armor) “Zamza-Zah” is launched, the tide of the battle starts to turn against the Minerva. Zamza-Zah creates a positron deflector shield and blocks the blow of Tannhauser and corners the Impulse Gundam. At the last moment, Shinn goes into SEED mode.

The Deuterion Beam from the Minerva recharges the Impulse Gundam’s power and Shinn destroys Zamza-Zah effortlessly. He then docks with the new Leg Flyer and Sword Silhouette and slices the Alliance’s ships like one possessed by a demon, destroying them one after another. Everyone, including the Minerva’s crew, is speechless witnessing its overwhelming power.

In a PLANT, Athrun is about to wear ZAFT’s red coat. Durandal gives him the insignia for the special FAITH detachment. Athrun confirms his determination to fight for peace again and takes off on the new unit, Saviour Gundam.


Mobile Weapon


Gundam SEED Destiny Episodes

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