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Why do you think that Coordinators should not exist? That we are monsters with whom you can never reach an understanding? The real question is, "Who started saying those things in the first place?"

Gilbert Durandal scrutinizing the anti-Coordinator propaganda of Blue Cosmos/Logos on broadcast.[1]

Blue Cosmos is the most radical of the anti-Coordinator activist groups formed by resentful Naturals and is the dominant political force behind the Earth Alliance military within the Cosmic Era. According to the Blue Cosmos ideology, genetic modification is a violation of the natural order, and all Coordinators must be exterminated "for the preservation of our blue and pure world."

During the Second Alliance-PLANT War, it is growingly revealed that Blue Cosmos is interconnected with the secretive military-industrial complex known as Logos which instigates conflicts to stir profits through their arms trade and other enterprises.


Blue Cosmos

I swear this time we'll send those bastards to their deaths! For the preservation of our blue and pure world!

Lord Djibril uttering the motto of Blue Cosmos.[2]

Though the political opinions of the Earth Alliance senior leadership generally varied, the Atlantic Federation space forces leadership was primarily dominated by Blue Cosmos members, and after the elimination of a significant portion of the Eurasian military at the Battle of JOSH-A, Blue Cosmos controlled Alliance OMNI Enforcer and its space forces by default. After this point, the Alliance's war effort changed from one of conquest to one of genocide, a change that a Patrick Zala-led ZAFT was only too happy to emulate.

Blue Cosmos is willing to manipulate the public with their ideology and force people to share their hatred for Coordinators so they would have every Natural on Earth against the PLANTs. Blue Cosmos is also willing to eliminate anyone that would try to break away from them (Western Eurasia was an example on any nation who would dare go against their beliefs), or would become a hindrance to them. Their ultimate goal is the destruction of the PLANTs and the total extermination of Coordinators.


What use are weapons, if there is no war? Unless they tear down old buildings, they cannot build new ones. Unless they scorch our fields, they cannot make the starving people buy their food. A world at peace is not profitable, it cannot be manipulated. Therefore they will not cease their attempts at forcing us to fight.

Gilbert Durandal describing the motives of LOGOS. [1]

From what was seen of Lord Djibril's meetings with fellow Logos members Alwin Ritter, Adam Vermilyea, Lucs Kohler, Graham Nelleis, Bruno Azrael, Celestine Groht, Lally McWilliams, and Duncan Luis Mockelberg as well as his pawn in the Atlantic Federation, Joseph Copeland, the majority of Logos' members seem to be more pragmatic and almost reluctant when involving themselves in warfare compared to Muruta Azrael, with one member stating that while wars were tolerable, events such as the Junius Seven Colony Drop were nothing but trouble. However, other than Djibril, who implied to have held an interest in controlling the world in addition to wiping out the Coordinators, anti-Coordinator sentiment seemed to have influenced the other members' actions, considering one of them quoted the Blue Cosmos motto while planning to take advantage of Break the World. At Heaven's Base, the remaining members agreed with Djibril that Gilbert Durandal was more manipulative than how he portrayed himself to the public and were convinced that he would only take their place as the world's controller, pointing out how naïve the ideal of fighting only for justice sounded.


Blue Cosmos was originally an environmental pressure group, but after George Glenn revealed his secret in CE 15, they changed their emphasis to terrorizing and killing Coordinators. They especially desired the destruction of the Ultimate Coordinator, Kira Yamato. Many of the top echelon of Blue Cosmos, including its leader Muruta Azrael, were killed during the closing battles at Jachin Due.

Unfortunately, this did not affect Blue Cosmos in any meaningful way; Cagalli Yula Athha's visit to ZAFT at the start of Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny is due in large part to pressure on the Orb Union from the Atlantic Federation, which is still largely controlled by Blue Cosmos under the control of its new leader, Lord Djibril. In addition, there is growing evidence that Blue Cosmos may be nothing more than a cat's paw for a larger paramilitary industrial organization known only as LOGOS, which starts wars to stir up profits.

After PLANT Chairman Gilbert Durandal's speech, ZAFT launched a campaign to destroy LOGOS and Blue Cosmos once and for all. Many people on Earth also started to attack the homes of LOGOS members and many of them were either murdered or forced to flee. The surviving LOGOS members made their unsuccessful last stand against a combined ZAFT and Anti-LOGOS Alliance renegade forces attacking Heaven's Base, their headquarters in Iceland. After the battle, Lord Djibril (the last known remaining member) fled to the Orb Union and afterwards to the Daedalus lunar base to rendezvous with Blue Cosmos loyalist forces. From there he attacked PLANT with the superweapon Requiem in order to destroy the PLANT Supreme Council, however when the LHM-BB01 Minerva attacked he was forced to flee on the Girty Lue in order to reach Arzachel. But before he could escape the ship was shot down by Rey Za Burrel, which also killed Djibril and thus the last remaining LOGOS member, bringing an end to both Blue Cosmos and LOGOS.

According to the novelization, because of the wide-reaching influence of LOGOS, its destruction caused a massive global economic crisis and led to world wide chaos and anarchy.

Known Members


Notes & Trivia

  • Blue Cosmos share the same ideology and methods with the Titans from Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam; both organizations sought to eliminate a space colony faction (Zeon and ZAFT) by committing atrocities especially those who oppose them. The would also use artificial soldiers (Cyber Newtypes and Biological CPUS or Extended Humans). They would later take control of the military at a later stage to increase their propaganda by having their entire mobile suits take over; though when they took control in their respective first conflicts is very different: the Titans first formed and acquired power after the One Year War, while Blue Cosmos formed at the start, remained mostly in the background, and only became more active during the middle of the First Alliance-PLANT War. After the first war, the Logos creates its own task force, 81st Autonomous Mobile Group (also known as 'Phantom Pain), to further its own goals using military strength. Both met their fate during a final battle in space. They also use mobile weapons such as gigantic mobile suits/armors Psyco Gundam and Destroy Gundam. After their demise, it would weaken the Earth forces military and Earth forces would have to rely on another faction (AEUG in Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ and Three Ships Alliance at the end of Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny).
  • Blue Cosmos/LOGOS also shares a somewhat minor similarity with Mobile Suit Gundam 00's A-LAWS (in this case, specifically Phantom Pain) since both factions will not hesitate to commit mass murder against real and presumed enemies, like how Phantom Pain uses the Slaughter Daggers to massacre the refugees in a refugee camp and how A-LAWS uses the Automatons to kill said enemies.
  • LOGOS is in the same vein as Romefeller Foundation from Mobile Suit Gundam Wing that both are military industrial complex to wage war to stir up profits. LOGOS however turned into Blue Cosmos, formerly an environmentalist presure group who uses their own propaganda to exterminate the Coordinators and PLANT as well as having Extended Humans to wage up profits whereas the Romefeller Foundation would use its military wing OZ (Organization of Zodiac) and Mobile Dolls for world domination. The government (United Earth Sphere Alliance and Atlantic Federation of Earth Alliance) are infiltrated by most members of Romfeller Foundation and Logos/Blue Cosmos to increase their control. The invasion of Orb does parallel the invasion of the Sanc Kingdom whereas both pacifistic nation would fend off the war waging organization until their defeat. The only difference is that Relena Peacecraft would submit surrender; Uzumi Nara Athha instead self-destructs the entire Orb Nation, to prevent it's technology for use against the PLANTS, at the cost of his life. Also, whereas LOGOS/Blue Cosmos maintained its radical stance, Relena Peacecraft was able to successfully sway many of the Romefeller Foundation's members and executives into adopting more pacifistic ideals.
    • OZ and Blue Cosmos have similar functions serving as the ones to carry out the plans of their respective military industrial complex. Both organizations would also take control of the respective Earth factions they infiltrated by eliminating moderates and pacifists from the Earth faction in order to maintain their radical ambitions (OZ eliminating the UESA leaders who took a more peace-oriented path and the UESA military in Operation Daybreak; Blue Cosmos sacrificing the moderate Eurasian Federation in the Cyclops Explosion).
  • According to Cagalli Yula Athha in Episode 34 of Gundam SEED Destiny, the Seirans & a number of Orb's influential citizens are among the list of Logos members.


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