The heated battle of La Gramis continues, with Seric Abis facing Godom Tyneham's Gurdolin. Although he manages to defeat it, his mobile suit is disabled and is stuck in a Vagan battleship, directly into the Diva's Photon Blaster Cannon line of fire. Following Seric's wishes, Captain Natora fires the cannon, sacrificing his life but opening the way to the space fortress. Meanwhile, Kio engages Deen Anon in his xvm-dac Jilsbain and disables it. Just as he is about to reconcile with him, Deen's machine is destroyed by Zanald's Xamdrag. Enraged, Kio activates the AGE-FX's Burst Mode and proceeds to cripple Zanald's unit. Just as he is about to kill Zanald, Kio ceases his assault, allowing him to escape.

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