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Genetic Type
  • Oldtype
  • Killed in Action
  • Male
  • Mobile Suit pilot
  • 1st Lieutenant
Mobile Weapons

Bob (ボブ Bobu?) is a character that appears in the OVA Mobile Suit Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory. He piloted the YMS-16M Xamel.


A Zeon mobile suit pilot during the One Year War, Bob joined the Delaz Fleet after the war and was part of the Zeon remnant's MS Team who infiltrates and stormed Federation's Torrington Base in Australia during the Gundamjack operation of RX-78GP02A Gundam "Physalis" in U.C. 0083.

Personality & Character

As a veteran of One Year War, Bob was cool and calm when executing important task such as bombarding the headquarter building of Federation's Torrington Base to provide cover for Anavel Gato's Gundamjack operation of Gundam GP02 "Physalis". He was also willing to sacrifice himself to cover Gato's escape from the pursuing Federation MS teams for the sake of Operation Stardust.

Skills & Abilities

Bob's sniping skill as Xamel's gunner was manifested when he scored 2 direct hits at the centre of Torrington Base's headquarter building, inflicted massive damage and heavy losses of lives.


On 13 October U.C. 0083, the Delaz Fleet initiated the first phase of Operation Stardust by blitzing Earth Federation's Torrington Base in Australia. 1st Lt. Bob was a member of Delaz Fleet's MS team in providing fire support to Anavel Gato in stealing the nuclear-armed Gundam GP02 "Physalis". During the raid his Xamel destroyed Torrington Base headquarter building with 2 direct cannon hit, killing the Base Commander Hawkins Marnery in the process. During the retreat of Gato's Gundam GP02 with Zeon's Yukon submarine reinforcement, Bob sacrificed himself by blocking the pursuing Federation's MS team led by South Burning with Xamel's missile salvos and its shear bulk. In the heated confrontation with Burning's GM Kai, Bob was killed when Burning's GM struck its beam saber directly at Xamel's cockpit.


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