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  • 20
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  • Killed in Action
  • Male
  • Mobile Suit Pilot
  • Master Sergeant
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Braskinev (ボラスキニフ?) is a minor character from the Mobile Suit Gundam television series. He is the only shown pilot of the MSM-10 Zock.


Zeon Involvement

In the anime, Braskinev appears only in Episode 28 as a normal Zeon soldier. After landing on Jaburo, Char Aznable notices that Mihuan and Jidal have been shot down by Jaburo's defenses, Char then notes that he cannot go it alone and decides to join up with the advance force. Char later meets up with the advance force (comprised of a MSM-10 Zock (Braskinev), and two MSM-03 Goggs) and asks Braskinev how things are proceeding. Braskinev tells Char that they finished setting up all the explosives and suggest that Char and the advance force break in from the front. Char asks for other entrances, Braskinev then informs Char of the entrance to Jaburo that he found much earlier. Char states that they will attack both at the same time. Char orders the rest of the advance squad to attack the entrance very close ahead while Char and Braskinev attack the entrance he discovered.

As he fights with Amuro Ray, Lieutenant Woody Malden attempts to aid Amuro by attacking Char and shoots at Char's Main Camera, however char retaliates by attacking and killing Woody, he then runs off towards the water area where Braskinev is, luring Amuro there. Char calls Braskinev for backup. Then, Braskinev, would hover out of the water and shoots its chest-mounted mega particle cannons at the Gundam who dodges it and attempts to hit the Gundam as it is above the Zock with its head-mounted Photon Maser Gun that is dodged as well, and the Gundam lands behind the Zock. Amuro would tell Braskinev to stay back and that the fight between Char and Amuro does not involve him. Braskinev then would ignore this statement and Amuro would proceed to shoot Braskinev in the cockpit, destroying both the Zock and Braskinev. Whereas afterwards, Amuro and Char continue to fight.


  • "I found it. Over here is the main entrance to Jaburo. If I hadn't got a metallic reaction, I'm positive I would've missed it. It's very well hidden."
  • "There's no way they could try to launch an attack around this area. They've gotta be intellingent enough to know they gave away their camouflage."



  • Braskinev was taken out in the Mobile Suit Gundam Compilation Movie, along with the scene of M'Quve's death. These were taken out because Yoshiyuki Tomino thought they weren't "major enough".
  • Braskinev also appears in the videogame Mobile Suit Gundam: Federation vs Zeon in a Very Hard mission that takes place in the stage, "Inside Jaburo". In the game his name is spelled Boraskyniv (much like in the anime). Within this context he dies quickly, often killed by the Amuro AI noticeable only by the words "Boraskyniv Defeated" in the lower left of the screen. Because of the speed at which this occurs, he and Sleggar Law are among the hardest characters to save.
  • Braskinev's resemblance to Garma Zabi is noticed by Char Aznable in the video game Mobile Suit Gundam: Journey to Jaburo, where Char, in shock, asks if he is Garma.

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