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  • One-Shot Killer






Genetic Type
  • Oldtype
Hair Color
  • Brown
  • Male
  • MS Pilot
  • Lieutenant Colonel
Mobile Weapons

Breniff Oguz (ブレニフ・オグス Burenifu Ogusu) (aka Brenev Auggs) is a Principality of Zeon ace pilot featured in the Mobile Suit Variations design series.


Breniff Oguz was an ace pilot in the Zeon army nicknamed the "One-Shot Killer", for his ability to pull off extremely precise shots. He was a soldier possessed of a mild personality, who conceded kill credits to his less experienced wingmen during combat. Unlike other Ace pilots who color their units with a personal color and emblem, Breniff liked using units with their standard colors. Breniff was against deploying inadequately trained pilots to the front lines and he never fires on enemies who are fleeing. Shortly before the end of the war, Breniff was removed from combat duty and was transferred to a pilot academy as an instructor. He is the instructor of the famous Chimera Corps, where famous ace pilots like Johnny Ridden and Thomas Kurtz etc. are all his students. He was the overall top scoring mobile suit pilot of the One Year War, and whose personal tally consisted of 193 MS shot down and 8 ships sunk. He was reported to have encountered Federation ace Tenneth A. Jung in battle.


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