The Buch Concern (ブッホ・コンツェルン?) was a family business empire and mobile suit manufacturer from the late Universal Century timeline of the that is mentioned in Mobile Suit Gundam F91.


The Buch Concern was a wealthy financial group of companies that owned several heavy industrial equipment manufacturing facilities as part of the Ronah family's business empire, established by Scharnhorst Buch in U.C. 0053. By U.C. 0121, it was well known that a Buch Concern subdivision, Buch Aerodynamics, built and sold a civilian use mobile suit known as the Dessa Type.

The Buch Concern secretly supplied the wealthy Ronah family and their military force, the Crossbone Vanguard, a series of military mobile suits, and likely their battleships for their attempt to create Cosmo Babylonia. Despite being new to the construction of military mobile suits, the Buch Concern was able to develop a series of advanced mobile suits that surpassed Earth Federation MS manufacturer Strategic Naval Research Institute's own F-series of mobile suits. Among the advanced technologies the Buch Concern developed, there was the beam shield, a powerful defensive technology, which was implemented before either SNRI or Anaheim Electronics, the two main constructors of military mobile suits of the time.

Though the Buch Concern was the primary supplier of mobile weapons to the Crossbone Vanguard they did not supply all of them, such as the XMA-01 Rafflesia or the Bug weapon.

Despite the technological success of their mobile weapons, the Buch Concern fell on hard times after the fall of Cosmo Babylonia. They did provide some support to the pirate group Crossbone Vanguard led by Berah Ronah, however the endeavor was not profitable and they ceased producing the parts needed to repair the Zondo Gei mobile suits they used. After ending their support for their older units, the Buch Concern fell into obscurity in the field of mobile suits, with their position as a supporter of the pirate Crossbone Vanguard being taken up by SNRI, who would continue the "XM" line of mobile suits with the XM-10 Flint.


Buch Junk Inc.

A salvage company that consists of several space-debris collecting businesses, in the novel/OVA Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn, protagonist Banagher Links works part-time for this company at the Industrial 7 colony.

Buch Aerodynamics

A company that develops and manufactures space-vehicles, it also produces high-performance mobile weapons.

Vocational School

A training school affiliated with Buch Concern formed in U.C. 0106, it was also known for teaching centuries-old classical aristocrat-ism. The academy is later responsible for supplying the Crossbone Vanguard with elite MS pilots and personnel.


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