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CB-001.5D2 1.5 Gundam Type Dark (aka 1.5 Gundam Dark), is a C3 x Hobby (c/o Dengeki Hobby) special edition kit and a variant of the CB-001.5 1.5 Gundam. It first appears in Mobile Suit Gundam 00P special edition.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

The CB-001.5D2 1.5 Gundam Type Dark was a proposed mass production version of the CB-001.5 1.5 Gundam and is identical to the latter except for its colors. It was a general purpose machine for Innovade pilots, but was never produced. Like the 1.5 Gundam, Type Dark is also equipped with back-mounted binders that allow it to manipulate its GN Particles in various ways to improve its performance. The binders are armed with a pair of Binder Rifles and can function as a beam cannon known as Alvaaron Cannon. Other armaments include a GN Buster Rifle, GN Shield, and 2 GN Beam Sabers.


  • GN Buster Rifle
The same kind of weapon as used by CB-0000G/C Reborns Gundam, 1.5 Gundam Type Dark's GN Buster Rifle also has a variable output and a cord connects it with the GN Condenser on its arm to greatly increase its firepower.
  • GN Shield
A shield with similar appearance as Exia's shield though larger in size. The shield is made of E-Carbon and is capable of generating a GN field on its surface. It stores one of the beam sabers when it is mounted on the arm.
  • Binder Rifle
There is a beam rifle mounted in the bottom of each of the 1.5 Gundam Type Dark's binders. The binders are usually positioned below the shoulders when the Binder Rifle is used.
  • Alvaaron Cannon
Both binders point forward over the shoulders and a charge builds between the inner surfaces of the two binders before it is fired as a powerful beam. This feature, derived from GNMS-XCVII Alvaaron, can be used with or without the GN Buster Rifle. Due to the large amount of particles consumed, it can only be used once per sortie.
The beam saber is a hilt with the ability to activate a beam blade by generating a positron field filled with GN Particles. While the beam saber has a high power rating, one disadvantage is that their performance can be decreased by surrounding atmospheric conditions or methods of beam diffusion.

Special Equipment & Features

The Optical Camouflage uses a holographic projection system that creates an illusionary image of its surroundings to avoid visual detection, a form of invisibility. The camouflage isn't a true invisibility cloak, rather, an advanced grid projection system to blend in its surroundings like a chameleon. The system was developed by Celestial Being and was installed into several of their Gundams, ships, resource satellites for infiltration and stealth purposes; however, the abilities of the camouflage differ between applications.
  • Binder
The pair of back-mounted movable binders allow 1.5 Gundam Type Dark to control how its GN particles are used.
  • Stand By Mode: Both binders are placed on one side of the unit, either on the left or on the right. This mode allows 1.5 Gundam Type Dark to switch to either Attack Mode or Defense Mode very quickly.
  • High Speed Mode: Both binders fold directly backward. By increasing the the control of the particles produced by the solar furnace, high speed flight can be realized.
  • Flight Mode: Both binders fold outward to form wings and improve 1.5 Gundam Type Dark's atmospheric flight efficiency.
  • Attack Mode: Both binders positioned next to the GN Buster Rifle, one on the top and one on the bottom. This mode uses the particle control capability of the binder to improve the power output of the rifle and allows the beam produced to curve slightly. In addition, this form also allow 1.5 Gundam Type Dark to attack while protecting its right side.
  • Defense Mode: Both binders move to the unit's left side and sandwiched the shield, improving the shield's GN field.
  • Alvaaron Cannon Mode: See above on Alvaaron Cannon.


After the creation of the CB-001.5 1.5 Gundam, Beside Pain suggested to Veda to put the mobile suit into mass production as 1.5 Gundam Type Dark for Innovade use. Through Veda, Ribbons Almark knows about the plan and although he looks down on Beside Pain, he acknowledged that the 1.5 Gundam Type Dark is a good machine. He then imagines that if his 6 Innovades comrades were to pilot this machine while he leads them with the CB-0000G/C Reborns Gundam/Reborns Cannon, they will be able to achieve stunning result in the battlefield. He then thinks that it may be a good idea to reserve some space in the factory, which is focused on producing GNZ-004 Gaga, to produce this machine. However, the plan does not seem to be put in place, as there is no record of any 1.5 Gundam Type Dark being produced.

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