The CMS-223G Gala is a mobile suit appeared in Mobile Suit Gundam AGE. The unit is piloted by Don Boyage.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

The CMS-223G Gala appears to be a commander unit used to lead CMS-223Z Zila units. These units possessed a shoulder mounted shield and could carry heavy maces with integrated machine guns into combat. However, like Euba, Zalam and Earth Federal Forces mobile suits, Gala is outmatched by UE mobile suits.


  • Morningstar
A massive bashing weapon, with internal machine guns.
  • Shield
A sturdy shield mounted on the unit's left shoulder.


The CMS-223G Gala is an older model mobile suit model left over from the old colony nation wars. It was originally used by the Zalam faction. After the Silver Chalice treaty ended the war the Gala mostly disappeared. However units could still be found in the Fardain colony by 115 AG, put to use by old Zalam loyalists to fight against Euba loyalists. One unit was specifically piloted by Don Voyage.

Don Voyage used his Gala to lead a Zalam counter-attack against Euba forces attacking his home. Voyage would use the Gala to directly fight the enemy commander's CMS-574E Elmeda until Flit Asuno in the Gundam interfered.

The Gala and Elmeda would have attacked the Gundam if UE units had not appeared in the colony. Whether Flit's speech had an impact on the pilots, or whether the Zalam and Euba pilots saw an enemy that should be dealt with first, the two sides entered a temporary alliance (if only to prove who was better) and engaged two ovv-f Gafran units.


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