The CMS-223Z Zila is a mobile suit from Mobile Suit Gundam AGE.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

The CMS-223Z Zila appears to be a general-combat mobile suit that served as the standard for Zalam forces.[1] For ranged combat they are equipped with a machine gun and for melee combat they are equipped with a heat tomahawk. The Zila are also equipped with a shield which mounts three grenades. It appears that they maintain some sensors throughout the body, allowing them to continue fighting even without a head. Its basic performance is superior of the Earth Federation Force's Genoace.[2] While Euba machines have high mobility, Zalam machines excel in power.[3]


  • Z06 Zila Machine Gun
A standard weapon for the Zila, it is a shell firing weapon, that used a round drum magazine.
  • Heat Hawk
A tomahawk-shaped heat weapon.
  • Shield
A sturdy shield mounted on the left arm.
  • Grenades
A variety of hand grenade, stored in the shield.
  • DODS Gun
A new model of beam weapon introduced by the Diva and its allies. Much like the DODS Rifle it fires a spiraling beam, allowing it to punch through Gafran with ease.
  • Beam Saber/Dagger
A new model of beam weapon introduced by the Diva and its allies.


The CMS-223Z Zila is an older model mobile suit model left over from the old colony nation wars. It was originally used by the Zalam faction. After the Silver Chalice treaty ended the war the Zila mostly disappeared. However units could still be found in the Fardain colony by 115 AG, put to use by old Zalam loyalists to fight against Euba loyalists. Zalam outsourced production of the Zila to the Madorna Workshop based on the data received from Yark Dole.[4]

After UE interfered the battle between Zalam and Euba factions. Both factions entered a temporary alliance to defend Fardain from further attacks by the UE. As Don Boyage charged towards the UE mothership, he gave the command over the Zalam faction to Euba leader, Ract Elfamel. With the Zalam leader's death, Elfamel has announced a Zalam-Euba Alliance.



  • The Zila's Axe is a near-replica of the heat hawk used by Zaku II.
  • It strongly resembles the MS-05 Zaku I from the Universal Century.


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