The CMS-B/67M Shaldoll M is a custom variant of the CMS-B/67 Shaldoll that is featured in the anime series Mobile Suit Gundam AGE. It's piloted by Mukured Madorna.

Technology & Combat Characteristics

The Shaldoll is a customizable Mobile Sport (special mobile suit used for racing) produced by the Madorna Workshop.[1] It can be easily customized to meet client preferences or to be used for various applications, and several variations are known to exist.[2] One such variation is the Shaldoll M, a custom unit used by Mukured Madorna. The main differences between the original Shaldoll and Shaldoll M lie in the color scheme and the forehead design. The Shaldoll M uses a powerful Mega Beam Launcher that is able to destroy the remains of the Fa Bose in point-blank range as its primary handheld weapon, and seems to retain the Shaldoll's head vulcans. Although not shown, it is likely to be able to use the DODS Gun and shield like the normal Shaldoll.


  • Beam Vulcan
The Shaldoll were armed with beam vulcans, which are mounted on the side of its head. These beam vulcans are used to intercept incoming missiles and enemy units at close range.
  • Mega Beam Launcher
The Mega Beam Launcher is the standard long ranged armament of the Shaldoll M. Thought its power output is unknown, it's shown it can disable the remnant of the Fa Bose in point-blank range.
  • DODS Gun
A mass produced beam weapon of the Gundam AGE-1's DODS Rifle. Usually not as powerful as the DODS Rifle, it still has enough force to take down UE mobile suits in one shot.
  • Shield
The Shaldoll's defensive armament. A fairly standard shield that can withstand damage better than the Genoace's.


A custom Shaldoll made for Mukured Madorna, the head of the Madorna Mobile Suit Workshop. The Shaldoll M was deployed with the Mega Launcher and provided assistance in the battle of Ambat.


Notes & Trivia

  • The Shaldoll M's Mega Launcher is similar to MSN-00100 Hyaku Shiki's own Mega Bazooka Launcher.
  • Some have speculated that the "M" in the name is referring to Murkred Madorna, it's pilot.
  • The Shaldoll M's red coloring is possibly is referring to Murkred Madorna, it's pilot. Since the word, red, is in his name.


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