This article is about the character. For the mobile suit it is named after, see CAPG-78 Captain Gundam.
Captain Gundam
Captain Gundam b

Voiced By

Japanese Voice Hiroshi Kamiya
English Voice Doug Erholz
Alias(es) Captain
Genetic Type Advanced Robot
Height * 148.30cm
  • 149.30cm (Heavy Weapon mode)
  • 151.76cm (Hyper Captain Gundam)
Weight * 131.34kg
  • 246.65kg (Heavy Weapon mode)
  • 196.37 kg (Hyper Captain Gundam)
Eye Color Blue
Age 2
Gender Male
Nationality Neotopia
Affiliation(s) Super Dimensional Gaurd
Family Shute, Mark, Keiko, Nana (No blood relation).
Military Info
Allegiance Super Dimensional Guard
Rank Captain
Occupation Leader of the Gundam Force

Captain Gundam (キャプテンガンダム?) is a character in Superior Defender Gundam Force.


The first unit produced by the Super Dimensional Guard's top secret Gundam Force program, Captain Gundam is the main defender of Neotopia. Initially secretive and rigid, Captain loosens up and becomes more human via his interactions with Shute.



Original Captain Gundam

When cheered on by Shute, Captain can use the Soul Drive to unleash his lethal Captain Punch fist attack. While Captain's standard form keeps weapons to a minimum (vulcans, missile launchers, beam saber and an optional light beam rifle and light shield), he is designed to be adaptable for various missions.

  • Mobile Citizen Captain: When Captain wishes to journey into the world beyond the SDG headquarters Blanc Base, he adopts this simple disguise. Captain's armor and weapons are replaced with more friendlier components, his V-fin flips upside down to serve as eyebrows and his mouth guards open to reveal a human-like mouth.
  • Heavy Weapon Captain Gundam:A prototype upgrade designed after the SDG became aware of Commander Sazabi, the Heavy Weapon System adds extra fire power in the form of shoulder and backmounted missile pods, a hand held machine gun and a much larger shield. As well as serving as a weapon system for the most dangerous of missions, the extra components enable Captain to transform into the tank-like GunVehicle mode for extra speed.
  • Option V:In preparation for the Gundam Force's mission to liberate Lacroa and Ark, Captain receives new equipment in the form of his Option V backpack. As well as more powerful boosters, the Option V comes with the V Rod, a double sided beam lance. It is stored on the backpack as two equal halves which can double as beam cannons.

Hyper Captain Gundam

After his first battle with the Dark Axis Professor Gerbera, Captain is once again highly damaged and returned to Neotopia for repair. Rather than just repairing him, the SDG elect to give him a whole new body and GP01 Hyper Captain Gundam is born. With the Gundam Force's mission now known to the public of Neotopia, Hyper Captain Gundam's body has no need for the Mobile Citizen disguise capability. It also uses a more bold design scheme. Captain retained this form until the end of the series. As with his previous body, Hyper Captain has various forms.

  • Option F: The most common form of Hyper Captain. This form incorporates the dual combining beam sabers he used on his adventures across the Minov Sea and in Lacroa as well as optional back-mounted flight pack. He can also unleash an attack from his V-Fin as well as continuing to use the Captain Punch.
  • Option Z: When the final battle against the Dark Axis begins, Hyper Captain resorts to using his GP03 Option Z weapons pack. A back-mounted unit with various thrusters, gatlings and beam cannons, it is the most powerful known form of Hyper Captain.

In SD Gundam Force Showdown! video game, Captain also has five new forms, plus a secret form that can be unlock by input cheat code in Kao Lyn's lab.

  • Accelerator Form: This is a high-speed form that has hover boosters equipped on the legs and a long range laser cannon for use in hit and run tactics.
  • Assault Form: This assault form, equipped with a shotgun, is used for special task force missions and specializes in efficient tactical movement. The buckshot at close range is devastating!
  • Destroyer Form: This slow, heavily equipped form is packed with micro-missiles. While it is vulnerable to attack when firing, its guided missile pack a wallop!
  • Gunner Form: Lightly armored and agile, this is both an offensive and defensive form that is capable of rapid beam shot. It also carries a mega-beam blast that pierces enemies with one shot.
  • Saber Form: This form use an extremely large single-edge beam sword to cut enemies. The Saber Form is good for those who prefer close combat.
  • Arm Buster Form: The secret form.



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