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Carlos Kaiser01

  • King of Kaiser
  • The Emperor




Hair Color
  • Black
  • Yellow
Eye Color
  • Black
  • 32
  • Male
  • Finnish
  • Build Fighter

Carlos Kaiser (カルロス・カイザー Karurosu Kaizā?) is a fictional character from Gundam Build Fighters.

Personality & Character

He prefers to pilot legless Mobile Armor as he has adopted the credo of the Zeon Engineer who said "Legs are for show".

Skills & Abilities

Carlos Kaiser is a skilled builder and fighter who was able to come out on top against a skilled field in the 6th Gunpla championship, which included other skilled fighters like Ricardo Fellini. None the less found himself badly outmatched against Aila.


He is from Mariehamn, Finland. At the age of 7, Carlos Kaiser had learned about the existence of Gunpla from Japanese friends in the social networks and began his Gunpla building.

He was the winner of the 6th Gunpla Battle World Championship. His Gunpla is a purple α Azieru. He also uses a Zeong, Zakrello, Adzam and Big-Rang in the official Gunpla tournaments. He has the title "King of Kaiser." and is aiming for another win for this year's tournament. 

However, he is defeated swiftly by Aila Jyrkiäinen's Qubeley Papillon in the Finnish Qualifying Tournament.



  • Carlos Kaiser bears slight similarities to Jess Rabble with regards to hair color.



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